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Happy Birthday to our BEAUTIFUL princess 👸🏻 You, my darling came to change our world in the best way possible. With your first breath you brought everyone around you so much happiness. You possess tremendous strength, tenderness, beauty, joy, kindness, compassion, serious spice, and the most powerful love that pulses through your blood. We are beyond thankful for the blessing to have you by our side! As we light your Birthday candle. We remember the very second you took your first breath we lost ours as we bawled, yup we were ugly crying 😭 with joy as you arrived. The candle represents how BRIGHTLY you lit up the room at with your beautiful presence sweet girl. Your tiny little 5 pound presence shone brighter than a MILLION candles. As they lay our beautiful daughter on my chest I felt in an instant how powerful you were... just seconds old...we knew your greatness. So tiny, so beautiful, so STRONG, so alert we knew you were our family’s special gift from God.. you are here for a reason. We knew your life was going to be remarkable! You sweet girl, you brought us a brilliant life in more ways than you can ever begin to understand. Your brother brought up the idea he NEEDED a baby sister. He told us he needed you urgently on his 2nd Bday. Not knowing if I could have another baby...We begged God to show us a sign if it was meant to be. The 3 of us prayed desperately for you but with understanding and acceptance if it wasn’t meant to be. When we found out we were blessed with a pregnancy we prayed for you every we do daily and will for eternity. It must have been the whispers of angels, but it was your brother that knew you were going to bless our family not only did he ask us for a baby, he told us everyday as he kissed my belly that a baby sister was on the way!!! We believe in miracles because you are one, your brother is one, you ARE our DESTINY. Thank you for saving my life precious girl. I thank God every day. Your brother and you are my WHY and the reason I’m here. We love you more than words could ever begin to explain. We love you sweet Destiny 💕 Happy Birthday to our sweetest kindest and most loving gorgeous Princess🥳 🙏🏻