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Happy record store day for yesterday everyone. Please support local record stores! ❤️ To celebrate I wanted to post 4 of my favourite records I have at home with me. I curl up into these most days. They’re my best mates and little safe spaces. Brandi Carlisle - by the way, I forgive you A few years ago now, I got this vinyl sent to me from my beautiful friend Brandi. As soon as it was in my hands I put on the vinyl and the minute ‘everytime I hear that song’ started playing, I knew I was about to listen to one of the greatest albums I’ve ever heard. Brandi you are one of the greatest singers and songwriters of our generation and I will be forever grateful of your friendship and your music. It’s true therapy for the soul and a glimpse into your genius. Missing you x Feist - The Reminder I must have been 14/15 when I first saw the music video and heard the song ‘1234’. As soon as I did I downloaded this album immediately. This record is probably the record I listen to the most in life. It’s the soundtrack to my sundays, my blue days and my happy days. It fits every mood and makes me feel at ease. I will forever be trying to write a song as good as ‘The Park’. I love you feist. You are like no other. Robyn - Honey I’ll never forget the feeling of being at Robyns honey show. I have never felt so queer and free in my entire life. Honey the album got me through some real shit times. Whenever I feel low I put on ‘send to Robyn immediatley’ and I’m healed. Robyn is my favourite artist of ALL TIME. Period. I can’t imagine a world without her in it. Thank you for the music. George Michael - Listen without prejudice George may not be with us anymore but his spirit and voice live on. This album is one of the greatest bodies of work I’ve ever listened to. Brave, honest, bold and soulful. Track three ‘they won’t go when I go’ is my favourite George track and is my most played song on my phone. I don’t know where I would be without this album. I hope you can hear us all dancing and singing to your music from up there George. In our hearts everyday. Play that music people. Music is a healer and I think we could all use some healing right now x