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Are Compound exercises really better for muscle building? We’ve all heard that compound exercises are the best for muscle building so often that we generally accept as gospel. But does this belief really stack up? Let’s consider the facts ... When training to build muscle, your goal should be to load the target muscle with maximum efficiency. Yet, the majority of compound exercises do not mimic the precise movements of the muscles and joints involved. They also fail to provide proper alignment, the ideal resistance curve and the proper range of motion. The idea that going heavy on a compound exercise and using multiple muscle groups is better than working the muscle individually with a lighter weight makes no sense. The truth is that a muscle can be loaded just as much with a lighter weight during a so-called isolation exercise than it can with a compound exercise that pulls in several muscle groups. When you engage a number of muscles in one exercise, you are almost guaranteeing that none of them gets ideal stimulation compared to when you work each of the muscles separately. The bottom line here is that, if your goal is to achieve maximum muscle stimulation, isolation exercises are better than compound exercises. That belief certainly goes against the grain of conventional gym β€˜lore’. Yet, when you dig a little, you’ll find that it is based on undeniable science. I’ve worked with hundreds of people during the past five years, helping them achieve their physical goals, lose weight and pack on lean muscle mass. I’ve got room in my schedule, so why don’t we work together? To get started, simply click the link in my bio @Ryan_Spiteri