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Thank you so much Esquire Singapore for having me on your cover! "Hollywood's Nicest Man" gave me a weird feeling to be honest because when I was younger, I dont think I was a nice guy. Not that I was mean, but moreso I didn't allow myself to connect with people. I didn't think people would like me for who I was. I was unhappy, and this unhappiness reflected outward. Not liking yourself -> changing who you are to please others -> expectation of others to like you -> people not liking you because it doesn't seem genuine -> not liking yourself-> repeat I love that mental health has become a part of the global conversation, but we cannot forget the people who are not necessarily suffering, but who are just having a hard time. ESPECIALLY now. Unhappiness, unlike depression, can be be subtle. It can be easy to say "ah thats just how I am" and distract yourself from it. Thats why its important to take the time to sit by yourself and ask yourself the important questions. I still do it. Over the last few years I've actively worked on being happier by surrounding myself with people who raise each other up and ask these questions. And maybe because of this, we could all be a little nicer to ourselves. And maybe because of this, we could all be nicer to each other. And maybe because of this, the world could be a little better. Anyways, didnt mean to go on a long thing like this for what may have been an innocent title they put on the cover, but here we are at the bottom of the caption.  @esquiresg  @mroakleysmith @emmanmontalvan    @badnewsbritt @florido