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Hey you... You’re amazing, and I hope that’s EXACTLY how you feel. Cultivating a better relationship with YOU can begin simply with the way you speak to yourself: I love finding new words and phrases to better describe the reality of what I’m experiencing, rather than choosing to state things that belittle my opportunities to expand. Have you ever said to yourself “man up”, “stop being a baby”, or “I need to grow up”? Ever stated “I deserve better”, “why aren’t things improving?”, or “this always happens to me”? These phrases are related, in that the initial perspective of the one diminishing their innocence or vulnerability is likely projecting the phrases spoken to them by a guardian or authority figure, which then brings about the same subjectively negative experiences of stagnancy and instability. I’ve made it my mission lately to find new phrases for the old paradigmatic approach to “motivation”. For example, “man up” can feel gentler and trigger more inspired action in phrases such as “I have the confidence and strength to achieve what I desire”. I’ve replaced “I hate doing/going/being etc...” with “I will be present and aware of the things that bring me joy while I’m doing the things that will soon no longer be in my reality”. “I don’t like these things about this person” can easily be tamed by focusing on and choosing to state their likable tendencies! Everything spoken, including the statements you direct to or about yourself, has a definable polarity, and therefore negative statements can always be swapped for a softer phrase. What you choose and how it feels in your body maps out your future experiences with that which you speak negatively of, so try choosing more pleasant words and optimistic stances and you’ll be AMAZED at how wonderfully your perceived blockages are cleared from your path! - 📸 @mattreiterphoto