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[Birdcage] • • I'm back~! Sorta~ hopefully~ loll I kinda put stuff up on my patreon now :3~ link in my profile 👆👆🙏 mostly just sketches and wip tho, just one tier, $1+ xD~ I decided to set it up when my medications jumped to $400/month o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o;;;; • Sorry I've been away for so long without any update..I've kinda got some anxiety about not being able to draw as much as before and it was easier to just not thinking about the social media aspect of it all. ------------ A lil update on my health: Got discharged from the hospital last week and tried to finish this asap. Went in for abdominal pain but my heart was beating so fast in intervals they kept me in the cardiac ICU for close watch cause apparently it was really dangerous for a bit xD;; They also found a lump mass in my body and they're not sure if it's cancer or not. The pathologist team at the hospital can't agree on whether it's sarcoma cancer or a benign tumour I guess? So, that's been fun lol. It's weird how my body is like, really trying to kill itself 😂😂 BC Cancer was supposed to contact me last week but they're not very fast at contacting people I guess? XD -- Fingers crossed its not cancer cause my heart is still a mess and I've no idea how chemotherapy would mesh with my heart medications. I take soooo much heart meds now sometimes I worry for my liver and kidney lol, I hope they can take the meds xD~ I wish I had better news tho lol. I'm kinda still in medical's like I've stopped in time to work on surviving and watching everything passing me by...kinda depressing sometimes haha...sorry uwu. But still alive tho. That's a plus. Lmao. ---------- TL;DR: my health is kinda getting worse but I'm still alive tho yaaay • Thanks to those of you who are still sticking around xD💕💕 • • • • • #illustration #surreal #pencil #drawing #instaartist
🧜‍♀️🌺 Rough sketch w colour testin before moving onto watercolor version. _(:_」∠)_ • I'm posting more wip on Twitter so follow me there? 😆 • • • Just saw the pre heart transplant clinic nurses actually haha, I'm actually resting in the hospital lobby rn (´・_・`)....the stress woke me up way before normal and I forgot to take my heart slowing meds before I left, so now I can't walk too fast or my body hurts. Oops. I'm seeing the pre transplant clinic Doctor tmr, and I guess that'll be fun? Lol. Hope I'll remember my meds at least tmr. This doesn't mean I'll for sure have a heart transplant tho. In fact, I really, really, really hope I don't. Cause, well, there's the possibly dying thing (fun fact, 60% of ppl survive 10+ but also food restrictions like no raw food like sashimi or medium rare steaks; I heard even some raw veggies I need to be careful of too, I guess like the e coli outbreak on lettuce a while ago would probably be pretty bad for transplant, uh, fingers crossed there'll be some meds that can help me D;;. But the doctors just want me to be prepared for that possibility. She basically said that they can't keep cutting me open to remove the scar tissue building up lol. I guess medical risks rises every time I have heart surgery xD;; • Tbh I thought I would try to draw more, but I ended up having back pain every other day and it's just...not great. But hey, at least I might be able to post something here once a month? Lmaoo~ I don't really want to dump my sketches here haha...(。-_-。) • • • #art #illustration #mermaid #roses #flowers