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I am utterly heartbroken at what has happened. And the most shattering part is that what happened to George Floyd has happened again and again— the killing of black people by the police and civilians. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are just a few of the many devastating examples of the way that American policies and practices are, at large, fundamentally racist. I want to acknowledge and thank the officers that ARE working hard to protect us all, but I am infuriated with the acts of violence towards black and brown people at the hands of some police in this country. This is an outrage that is currently manifesting across the country in a righteous fight. I will not condone stealing, violence, or vandalism, but to those protesting peacefully, I stand with you proudly. Throughout our history, the US government has created and supported structures that favor and protect white people over black people. It breaks my heart to know that there has never been a time where all skin colors have been treated equally, accepted in the same way, and embraced fully. This is unacceptable. With the current absence of good leadership, it is our responsibility to lead by example. We must do everything we possibly can to change this. Do not ignore what has happened because it does not directly relate to you. Do not ignore it because it is scary. Or uncomfortable. This is our world. It is here for ALL of us. The privilege, opportunities, and love on this earth should not have contingencies upon the color of your skin. The change must start with you and me. #blacklivesmatter #justiceforfloyd