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We wake up every morning at 4:15 am to the sound of the rain pounding our tents. We crawl out of warm sleeping bags, put on still wet clothes, and walk down the beach before wriggling into damp photo blinds. It is pitch black – if the wolves are around, they see us, but we definitely do not see them. And then we sit, perfectly still, straining our ears for any hint of them over the relentless downpour. These are not just any wolves, they are coastal wolves – a unique community that lives on the outer islands and feeds almost exclusively off the bounty of the sea. By 6:30 am, the first light starts to hit the beach, and little voices creep into my mind. "We are not going to see wolves today," they say. "We are going to spend another 14 hours in these photo blinds before sneaking back to our wet tents, cold, tired and empty-handed." But then, suddenly, a shape appears on the beach. Then two more. They lift their heads, and the most beautiful, mournful howls you have ever heard mix with the sounds of the pounding surf and reverberate along the shore. This is wildlife photography – the journey from nothing to pure magic in a matter of seconds. I hold my breath to prevent the viewfinder from fogging up, and slowly squeeze the shutter, hoping the moment has been captured. The technology baked into Sony's newest cameras practically allows us to shoot in the dark. Here, I am pushing my little 7RIV to the absolute limit...6400ISO at 1/60th of a second with an 840mm lens. The moment ends as suddenly as it had begun. I take a second to indulge myself with a quick glance at the back of the screen, and there it is: three wolves howling in unison. Thank you, @sonyalpha, and thank you, wolves – with the photo safely stored in memory, it is now time to get to work and give you the voice you so desperately need. With @johnkelseyphoto, while on assignment for @sealegacy. With @maxelhohn, and @steve_woods_photography. #wolf #wolves #coastalwolves #bc #canada #sony #7RIV #gratitude