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Our bodies are going to be different throughout our life and we shouldn’t beat yourself up because of it. (SWIPE 👉🏽 TO SEE HOW MUCH MY BODY HAS CHANGED OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS) 😳 We age, we have our periods, we have babies, we live life and sometimes we go through things that are just out of our control. We get stressed, we feel emotions AND WE CHANGE both physically and mentally. Coping with a changing body is hard. And I think a lot of the challenge comes because our society conditions us to think our bodies should always be the same size. STAGNANT. We should be able to keep them the same size throughout our lives and if we don’t ….somehow we aren’t disciplined or devoted or put together or valuable or enough. REALITY CHECK 🤯 We evolve and change as human and our bodies do too. CHANGE IS A GOOD THING!!! We can not become what we are meant to become by remaining what we are. CHANGE = GROWTH... And it took A LOT of change / growth (me having a baby) to see things differently. Of course we all want to look and FEEL our best and there’s nothing wrong with that. I strive to hit my fitness goals every week and I think we should all have some sort of goal to take care of our bodies and ourselves but change is not outside of you. IT’S WITHIN YOU! FOR PETES SAKE: please STOP beating yourself up more. (Life is already challenging enough) STOP talking inwardly down to yourself. STOP allowing your self conscious mind to dim your light. I wish I could tell myself years ago “Paige, you should allow yourself to be who you are NO APOLOGIES. That the perfect physique doesn’t exist and PERFECTION IS A LIE! No matter what society tells you. Wrap your arms around your body and give yourself A UNCONDITIONAL LOVE HUG. Tell yourself daily, YOU ARE PERFECT... 🤍 PERIOD! YOU CAN ALSO SUBSCRIBE MY PODCAST TODAY (link in bio) to listen to “THE FIVE” things to hear more!
Muscles are not exclusively for men! (DOUBLE TAP ♥️ IF YOU AGREE) I remember when I started my fitness journey about 10 years ago and had enough courage to share it. I’m so glad I did because I DO feel it helped break the stereotype “lifting weights makes you look manly” but it wasn’t an easy journey. The amount of comments that I’ve received throughout the years like: “Ew you look ugly now” “You have man arms” “No guy wants to be with a girl like that” “That’s not attractive” - about my thighs “You’ve lost all your femininity” “What a waste of the female body” I personally think strength (both physically and mentally) is BADASS! I feel the whole stereotype is outrageous!! 😤 Building muscle is a commitment which requires a lot of INTENTIONAL preparation and DEDICATION to your goal, it doesn't happen accidentally or instantly. With that being said — lifting weights WILL NOT have you walking around looking like a bodybuilder ladies. (purely because the female body doesn’t have enough testosterone to support that type of extreme muscle growth) Lighting weights however is a wonderful way to tone up the body and most importantly get STRONGER but you don’t need to panic about the misconception that lifting weights will make you bulky. (Unless that’s what you’re aiming for and that’s incredible too!) At the end of the day it’s your body and your happiness. THAT’S WHAT MATTERS! Let’s start celebrating strong quads that allow us to hike up mountains! Let’s celebrate a strong back and shoulders that allow us to pick up our children to give them piggy back rides!! I think strength training allows us to feel INCREDIBLE, POWERFUL and CONFIDENT in everything we do!✨💪🏽 (Share this post if you agree)