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As today is Mother's Day in some parts of the world, I'd like to talk about raising our kids. I think I'm a great mum... I really don't need anybody to tell me that. Not just with Jayce, I'm fiercely protective and crazy inlove with my nephews and nieces. And I love children in general. With Jayce, I show him a lot of love and kindness and let him have his way most of the time. I've heard someone say be careful not to spoil him especially when he does something that they think deserves a spanking and I refuse to spank him. I dont believe in spanking children over every mistake they make in the bid to correct them. The occasional spanking, every once in a long while, is okay...(I've definitely done that with Jayce) but I believe when they make a mistake or misbehave, correcting them firmly but kindly and with love is better than hitting them, yelling at them, shaking them or giving them some kind of physical punishment. Especially when they are under 5. For instance with Jayce, I've had family and close friends tell me he is a kind and loving boy but they are family and friends so you just feel they are being nice...but less than two weeks of starting school, his teacher described him as a kind boy in his daily report book. That made my whole week. It tells me the love and kindness I show him every day is shaping him and he's passing it forward. I believe that listening to our children when they have something to say, acknowledging their feelings, recognising their positive behaviour and maybe even rewarding that behaviour will help to shape them into great individuals. I feel like constantly spanking, yelling, shaming or using harsh words on our children could lead to behavior problems. That method, to me, is ineffective, does more harm than good and kind of teaches them it's okay to cause someone else pain if they don't get their way or feel frustrated. This is my opinion. What's yours? Do you believe in spanking children? PS: My mum raised me and my siblings with so much love and kindness. I don't recall her ever beating us. Not once! My father is a different Happy Mother's Day to every single woman alive. God bless! ❀❀
For today's prayer we will focus on financial blessing. If its something you're seeking..and you care to, then recite the prayer below... Dear God, I know you know what I need without me asking you but today, I kneel before you humbled and will like to vocalise what I need from You. Please pay all your attention to me in for next few minutes. I cannot command you God, who am I? But You said as Your children, we have the right to ask and we shall receive, so now I stand on that authority as I come before you to ask for financial blessing. Dear Lord, You will bless me. Oh You will. From today onwards, my struggles will not be in vain. I will earn abundantly from my efforts. You will cause my finances to overflow. You have said...whether the devil likes it or not... that this is my season of financial breakthrough and I stand upon it because You are not man and You do not lie. Dear God, anything on me, within me or around me that is obstructing your complete work in me, cut it off. Anywhere they were planning to shut the door on me, God go before me to stop them. Give them amnesia. Let them not remember why they were going to say NO to me, but be eager, willing and happy to assist me in every way that I need them to. Dear Lord, You will make my helpers come look for me and if I have to go look for them, they will welcome me with open arms. You will bless the works of my hands abundantly. Profit from my business will not reduce, it will double and triple and overflow. Dear heavenly Father, You will make everything I lay my hands on to prosper. Any business I'm involved in will work out. If it was meant to go awry, You will set it right. You will guide me into making the right business decisions every step of the way. And last but not the least in my prayers to you today Dear God, You will henceforth be whispering prosperous ideas in my ears. I don't know it all but You do. You are the God that sees, hears and knows everything. You will direct and guide me to the business or career that will prosper me. I wholly and humbly thank you as I know my set time to be favoured has come, through the mercy and speaking blood of Jesus Christ. Amen Happy new month! πŸ’‹