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my first ep ‘Good Cry’ came out 2 years ago today. time flies. i’ve been through so much since then. putting this ep out and going on tour during one of the most depressive times in my life was so hard. every day felt like lifting 100lb weights just to get out of bed. the ache in my chest from the pain felt unbearable.. at 18 i didn’t think i was going to be here for a 20th birthday soon to be 21. they felt 1000 years away. it seems impossible... i was so sad. so hurt. and so scared. thank you to everyone that’s been by my side during all of my progression and the times where it felt like i was regressing. every day is work when it comes to your mental health and personal battles. not every day is going to be hell and not every day is going to be perfect. i’m still figuring that out. thank you Cyrens for being patient... (I STILL AINT PUT OUT NC-17) thank you for understanding how growing up so publicly was hard on me.. thank you for your support and continuing to grow with me. these 2 years have had many ups and downs but my friends, family, and fans are what kept me (somewhat) sane lol. this ep means so much to me and always will.. i always have written nothing but the truth and this ep was exactly that. i still stand with needing a good fuckin cry every once in awhile. i know that pain is something we HAVE to feel and experience. i owe this album so much. it tought me so much about myself... and looking back at myself then to sho i am now i just want to run back in time and give that Noah a huge ass hug.. as she was breaking ever so slowly. i’m so happy that i was able to create something that everyone relates to... i turned the pain into something beautiful that others can sing, cry, or smile to and nothing makes me feel more purposeful than that. i love you all thank you so much for everything 🤍🥺