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The writing is in the sand. Women are magic. We can hold love and pain of equal size. We can carry strength and compassion of equal weight. We can bring together communities, and change lives with our gentle hugs. We can do hard things, as my favorite @glennondoyle says and now my three year old reminds me. (Wow did that one bite me in the butt or what?!) I was a mom long before I had my daughter. I mothered and loved animals, plants and the Earth. And yet, I was terrified I’d do it all wrong. I still am sometimes. Like most, I recognize now that I didn’t fully see my own Mother until I became one. The strength it takes to raise children with or without a village is at times insurmountable, and she did it like a damn superhero. Today I want to acknowledge all women, and all Mamas, and also hold space for those who experience grief as they navigate this day as well. Celebrating can also carry with it heaviness for those mourning this day and my heart is with you. I’m forever grateful to the amazing women and moms everywhere who have mothered and sistered beyond their immediate family. You are the fibers that hold together the fabric of this world. You have held my heart tenderly, this year especially, and without you the world would be a very different place. Love beyond what you know, and as my three year old says, “love wide, super wide, bigger than your hands out like this”, for love is all we need. Happy Mother’s Day🌸🌎💕