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F*CK YEW. Let me tell you about this bitchass POS horrible plant, called the Yew plant. Late one night Ripley finds a stick to play with (as she often does, she loves sticks, like most dogs) & I catch Creature EATING it a few minutes later. Take it away. All good. Until 30 minutes pass & they both start vomiting. Creature’s stomach is a tank normally but he’s extra sick so I start wondering wtf that stick was from. We trace it back to the plant he got it from- a very dried, dead, bush lookin jawn. Bc it’s so dead it’s hard to tell exactly what it looked like alive, but some googling leads me to what looks to be Japanese Yew plant. & the shit Google says about this plant made my heart DROP... Some examples: the first sign an animal has ingested Yew is usually DEATH. It has killed HORSES within 15 minutes. And dogs can die just from *playing* with a Yew plant. So, I’m freaking out, call poison control, they confirm my fears & tell me to get them to an ER right away. That was Friday night exactly 1 month ago yesterday & yesterday was coincidentally the FIRST day since this happened that they have been completely back to normal & able to eat normally again without digestive issues. Today is the first day I feel like I can fully relax and celebrate. Because honestly, it’s a miracle they’re alive. We left from the vet without them CERTAIN we were too late with Creature because his vitals were so high. We bawled our eyes out all night, we thought of all the incredibly bonding memories we had in our short first year with him, & we beat ourselves up. It was without a doubt one of the worst nights of my life & I feel pangs & a heaviness in my heart just mentally putting myself there again. When we brought them home, Creature had some bumps but recovered progressively. Ripley who did better initially ended up having a MUCH harder time recovering but a month & thousands of dollars in vet bills later & we’re finally past this. We are lucky for SO many reasons. I’d have given anything to not lose them & undo the mistake of not knowing more about that STUPID STICK. So I hope even one person can save an animal because of this story. (Continued in comments)
Let’s normalize some pain shit. “You don’t look sick” One thing about chronic pain is that it can become really difficult to take care of yourself in the ways you use to. In these past few months I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve done a full face of makeup, and this is I think the... ONLY.. time my hair has been done. My right arm and sometimes right eye are affected by what’s going on, & every position I’m in can be painful, so doing makeup has been too hard to want to do most days. But on the rare days I feel up for it all, it’s been such a positive thing for my mental health. I miss it. I’m determined to have more good days, until they’re all good again. But this also introduces the stigma around invisible illnesses or conditions. Our words can seem to fall flat to doctors, friends, family, coworkers or acquaintances when your pain isn’t something they can physically see.. when you don’t “look sick”. Some people try to mask their pain to not burden or annoy others. Sometimes this leads to the feeling your pain is not believed or taken seriously. So many people deal with this which is why it pays to err on the side of compassion in the face of every day frustrations when we’re interacting with others. Only that person knows their own pain, and no one’s pain is any less valid than anyone elses’. Do you have or had an invisible illness/condition? What’s the biggest challenge you’ve found it’s caused when interacting with others? If you don’t have one, check out the comments to see some ways you may be able to be more mindful of others. Helping may be much simpler than you expect.