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Happy Birthday to my incredible love #paulwsanderson (he doesn’t have Instagram😑) What you mean to me changes and grows on a daily basis. Every single day, you prove to be the most amazing human, friend and lover. I can’t tell you with words how much you mean to me and to our children. To say I won the lottery with “best husband” is an understatement. You truly are astonishing. Everyday, you prove to be so full of love. So full of respect. So filled with a love of life. The only thing you’re not? Full of shit. Well occasionally!😂 But that’s only when you tell me how amazing and gorgeous I am because you love me and want me to feel good!😘 I want so badly for you to feel as good as you make me feel everyday. From the little acts of love like you waking up a half hour early to make me a cup of tea to wake me up for the school drop off. For you to put your career on hold to travel with our family while our eldest makes a movie so you can help us manage the crazy schedule. Sleeping with the baby for the last few months so I can get my “beauty rest”🥳! Oh my god I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Husband, you’re EVERYTHING. I can’t thank you enough for the time, care, energy and love you’ve put into your family. And btw, I love you. Happy Birthday my love.❤️ Thank you @tohocinemas_official for this amazing birthday cake! We love you!! Thank you @millajovovich for making the bday boy order the champagne!😉 Blouse: @prada