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This quarantine thing will be a test. Probably THE biggest test of all times... for your relationship. You are suddenly stuck with your partner 24h per day, but you are used to daily spend maybe just a couple of hours of “real” time together if you exclude the hours you sleep, work, grocery shopping, transports etc... maybe it’s an awkward situation where you both are just now, right there, the two of you, locked in... and wow....wierd🤔 There is a reason there are so many divorces after couples have gone on “romantic” holidays just to find out after too many hours together: we’re not a match. And if you’re stuck with your partner now, then you for sure will find out if you two match or not. On holidays you can at least do new things, see new places without having to talk with each other. Now you’re home. With nothing really new to do, nothing to explore. I am not going to tell you what to do, but keep this in mind: 1️⃣Respect the other ones privacy. Most people are just not made to be locked in. If someone wants to be alone for a while to watch football, or chat with friends, then it’s ok! Maybe not constantly day in day out, but for a while. If that is 30 minutes or 2 hours, I can’t say. But it’s fine. 2️⃣Everyone will sooner or later become moody due to the situation. If you see that your partner is in a bad mood, don’t take it personal and especially, don’t start to argue why he’s in a bad mood. Then you will fight for sure, so leave your partner alone. And you really also must feel off how you yourself feel. Are you in a bad mood? Are you restless? Then for Gods sake’s, do NOT start looking for trouble because you will get it. 3️⃣Laugh, communicate and do anything to escape the reality for a while. Because right now, reality sucks and I don’t want you to be unhappy in your relation just because both of you are too lazy to do anything about it. Maybe he is way more boring than you thought. Bummer. Maybe you are hyper boring yourself? This is the time to prove you are not, or your relation will go up in smoke. Stay safe, keep healthy🙏🏻 Keep loving, living & laughing my dear friends! -That’s what makes the world a better place. 💕 Photo @AllenLHGFX
Love is never simple. Real love is a huge challenge for two different individuals to, not only get along well, but also being able to mix what your values are, beliefs, interests and maybe even cultures. There are so many things that must mix and match until you finally go from “being in love” to “love”. Both must be able to adapt, both must be able to accept. Often quite early you will notice if some things are way too different to even try to move on, or things are tricky in the beginning but it gets better and better. A lot of relationships are going in that direction, until someone starts to unleash who they really are. And there you are, with the memories from how wonderful it was in the beginning and you desperately clinch on, hoping things will get better. This is often where it goes terribly wrong. This is the perfect opportunity for your partner to lower your self esteem, even blame you for things you have nothing to do with... and the relation gets destructive. At some point of your relation, you must take a moment and think: “Is this what I want?” “Am I happy?” ...and if the answer is not a direct “YES”, then the following question must be: “Why am I in the relation”? Life is too short to waste on bad relationships and feeling unhappy. In a relation it’s about two, and both must be happy. Communication must exist in a relation. Sex. Uplifting comments. Affection. Being nice to each other. Kissing each other good night every night. Hopefully most of you are living in a healthy relationship, and I am so happy for those who do. But there are those who are not. Ask yourself those three questions I stated earlier. If you are not happy, then it’s probably time to do something about it. It might hurt in the beginning, but it’s so worth it. Destructiveness sucks. I want you to be happy. 🙏🏻 (Photo @LeeLHGFX)
It's glute day! And the gym is closed🤬 No worries🤨I got you covered🙋🏼‍♀️ Fortunately the glutes are muscles you can train, with a few uncomplicated tricks, just as well outside the gym. Here's a routine for you: 1️⃣Hamstrings (the backside of the thighs) are of course not glutes... but they connect. You might think that the bigger exercise ball, the heavier is the exercise. It's the other way around. A smaller ball will get you a heavier exercise. 15 repetitions / 5 sets. 2️⃣If 15 repetitions with both legs is not doing the trick, then you should go to the next level and use one leg only. In that case I recommend: 🅰️8 repetitions per leg / 4 sets. ...and after that, both legs on the ball: 🅱️10 repetitions / 3 sets. 3️⃣Equal to "hip thrusters", and here with the legs separated to target the outside of the glutes a bit harder than the normal "hip thrusters" (with the legs parallel). 15 repetitions / 5 sets 4️⃣It looks so easy, but... well... it's not. A fantastic Booty Blaster. 🅰️15 repetitions / 4 sets (with only 10 seconds in between the sets) 🅱️then you do 3 sets until failure (when it burns so much that you cannot do one repetition more). Glute soreness guaranteed (if you do it right). But glute pain is a pain you must learn to love🥰 As in "Ha! I did it! Now my body will take care of the re-builing and growth" ✅More glute building plans, and 8 week home workouts, available on the app Fitplan (download from my website, link in bio) English and Spanish. ✅Wearing glute enhancing leggings by @one0one_101