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Not your average ab workout. -This is... THE ONE!🥇 Let's get reasonable: have this circuit as: A: your ab (workout) goal, to be able to fully complete in X amount of time (you set the goal, not me). When you can do this, you don't need to get stronger abdominals (but if they are still not visible by then, you're simply not eating right), or B: a try-out since your abs are unbeatably strong, and you need a challange💪🏻 This circuit was created by me a while back, but I almost forgot about it. Until now. And my abdominals hurt for about 4 days after filming this circuit. This is without any doubt the most complete ab circuit I've done. And I guess... now it's YOUR turn. First you watch. Then you comment here below 'In 6 months, I can do that", and if you have someone to challange, tag him or her ot them. And then... let's get you started. Repeat this circuit 2 times. In 3 months, the goal is to be able to do it 3 times. Be determined and focused... because in 6 months, you should do this circuit 4 times (and officially joining "The SUPERWOMAN Club") 1️⃣12 repetitions 2️⃣12 repetitions 3️⃣10 repetitions 4️⃣12 repetitions 5️⃣14 repetitions 6️⃣24 repetitions (every movement is one repetition) 7️⃣As many as you can. Then change to 8️⃣As many as you can. Now THAT was a crazy one, right? Drink some whater, stretch out your abs that might be a bit stiff by now, tell yourself "I'm doing IT... I'M DOING IT". And hey... one thing. Only tell that to yourself. For the others around you, don't say anything to them. Nothing at all. Give it a few months and then: -SHOW THEM!!💁🏼‍♀️ . Let’s get you started with me, as your personal trainer, on the app FITPLAN (link in bio). I got a lot of different workout plans for home and gym, beginners and professionals, girls and guys... Download the app from my website, and start FOR FREE! You... and me🙋🏼‍♀️ . Wearing @one0one_101 Video by @maitieproductions
Your gym just opened?🤨Cool! But this is (mostly) for those who still can't access a gym: -Let’s give those TRICEPS an equal effective workout as in the gym. (As a minor reminder: Don't skip tricep day, those babies give the REAL volume to you arms.... Most people think it's biceps, and yep, it's good to have, but those triceps are just as important) Outfit “Cellulite-NO-SHOW” by @one0one_101 So let's get going! My recommendation is to keep one or two gallons of water in the bag so you can easily adjust the weight for you needs, and if you can do these one-arm tricep exercises with two full gallons... well, then you are ready to step up the game! About the exercises, number: 1️⃣Standing or sitting, as you prefer. Flex your abs hard to take the tension off your lower back. 1st set is a warm-up set, then you can do 4 sets, with 12 to 15 repetitions per arm. 2️⃣This is an exercise that MIGHT get your surrounding saying "Is that all she got?". Here's the thing: They have no clue, but you do. Lower the weight slightly, and do 4 sets / 8 repetitions per arm. 3️⃣ So well, yes... I wasn't counting on this one but here I am. Now, find your perfect resistance. Is it towards a wall? No? Too light? Then 3️⃣A) take a couple of steps back, and try it again. Still no hard enough? Then 3️⃣B) Use a high chair. Still no good?🤷🏼‍♀️. 3️⃣C) Use a low chair. Still too easy?🙈. 3️⃣D) Stay flat on the floor? Didn’t do the trick? Well hey! Superman...🤨. 3️⃣E) Put your feet on your bed and hands on the floor... ( I haver NEVER seen this, but feel free to do it, upload and... tag me)🤹🏻‍♂️🍾. 4 sets / 8-10 reps. 4️⃣There are so many differations of this exercise. The higher your feet are, the harder it gets. The higher your body is compared to the level of your feet position, the easier. Find your limit,you should be able to do 4 sets and 10-12 repetitions🤹🏻‍♂️🤸🏼‍♀️. -You did it!! And now you want more? Just try any of my workout programs in the app FITPLAN, there is something for everyone. For whatever needs you have... And especially for those who’s goal is to become a better version of yourself👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 (Link in bio, start for FREE!) 🎥 @maitieproductions
Revenge at it's finest🙊 -Abdominal workout: pro level. Remeber that ice-bucket? Well... It's time to put my husband to work. (THIS I want to see a lot of videos of you guys doing while #STAYHOME is still on! Blooper at the end, just sayin') 1️⃣This is a tough one, so... let's say 4 sets, where the first, and maybe the second, is warm-up. This is way more tricky to do by holding on to your ankles, than to hold on to anything more... sturdy. So, be nice. Your balance and ability to stay still here is key for the one executing the exercise: 8 reps and he, or you, is fabulous. Anything over 2 reps is beyond expectations. If it's too heavy, it's all good. At least the goal is set. Move on to: 2️⃣Not as hard, but a bit depending on how many were done in the first exercise. 10 repetitions / 4 sets 3️⃣Such an amazing ab exercise: 15 reps / 4 sets 4️⃣Yes! It's THAT one: 15 reps / 4 sets 5️⃣... so, are you and your partner having LESS sex when you are together TOO much? No worries: -You see... It's normal💁🏼‍♀️🙊 Keep those videos up, girls and boys. I see your workouts and I see your progress! Have fun! Keep the spirit AND the shape up! (If not, the way back is WAY too long... not worth it, trust me😬✌🏻) And if you by any coincidence need a workout plan, and me as your trainer, in your home or if you have access to any gym... then feel free to start for free training with me on the app FITPLAN (Download from my website, link in my bio)🙋🏼‍♀️👍🏻 .
Shoolder day, but the gyms are🔒 So what can we do about it?🤨 Actually... a lot! Let’s just get a kick-ass shoulder workout anyway! Excellent opportunity for me to add a fun fact about shoulders: -The arm is attached to the rest of the body by only one, relatively small joint, which is where the collar-bone attaches to the shoulder blade at the top/front of the shoulder. The rest are muscle attachments. And with that being said, fun facts about shoulders are overestimated. So let’s get to it. Ready? 1️⃣10 repetitions per arm / 5 sets 2️⃣10 repetitions per arm / 5 sets (yes, 5 again) 3️⃣10 repetitions per arm / 4 sets (Que comienza la fiesta!) 4️⃣ 10 repetitions per arm / 4 sets (yep, the party is ON!) There are a few more basics I could add here, but honestly, with these, you have covered your entire shoulder. And what else can we expect from these wannabe-mexican-beer days. I am blessed to receive such positive feedback and energy from all of, YOU are what keeps me going. It’s amazing... I don’t know how you do it but you do it. So THANK YOU! And let’s get through this better than we expected. We’re a team. Just gotta mention for those who are still a bit lost and want more; I have a lot more workouts in the app Fitplan, so download it from my website and try it out🥁🥁🥁🥁 for free! 🎅🏻 came early. Link in bio. Top (on SALE) and leggings (from new collection) by @one0one_101 Video: @maitieproductions & @Jimmy_Lewin