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“Stay calm. Breathe deep. Drink water. It’s okay. Keep going.” The past two weeks have been such a roller coaster of emotions. For the most part, I’ve been quite sad and low as feelings of anxiety, frustration and disappointment towards myself continue to arise. I realize this is the first time I’m experiencing quarantine in lockdown which is probably why so many mixed emotions are starting to bubble up to the surface. I find myself bursting into tears in the middle of meditation, staring blankly into space with an incessant stream of thoughts in my head and binge watching Korean dramas while stuffing my face with an unlimited supply of ~*vegan*~ junk food. 😩 I’m not complaining though.. I welcome this as an opportunity for me to practice non-resistance, non-judgment and non-attachment. This time in quarantine is proving to be very challenging yet necessary for our growth and evolution as human beings. We need to take the time to stay still and experience life in solitude so that we can come face to face with whatever is happening underneath the surface. Our world before the pandemic was very busy and fast-paced which was why we were always distracted by external factors and couldn’t really pay attention to our internal experience. Last week, we were in observance of Holy Week in the Philippines which is an important time of reflection and prayer as we honor Jesus Christ and the way He lived his life on earth. It’s the perfect time to look at our own lives and see if the way we’re living aligns with the values of God so that we can keep ourselves in check and make sure that we are doing our part in making this world a better place. So if you are currently feeling stuck, unmotivated and hopeless like me, please know that you are not alone. Jesus died on the cross for your sins. You can get through ANYTHING. Easter is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. Don’t give up. I see you. I salute you. I raise my glass of coconut water to you. Keep going. You can do it. 🤍 #mondaymotivation #mindfulmonday #HappyEaster 🐣
“My name is Maxene Magalona-Mananquil. I became vegan in October 2019 after finishing my yoga teacher training in Koh Phangan, Thailand where I learned about the moral codes in yogic philosophy. One of the moral codes is the Sanskrit word “ahimsa” or the practice of non-violence which states that we are not supposed to harm or cause suffering for other living beings. Our teacher taught us about the law of karma and how violence has karmic consequences so I began to understand why some people choose not to consume animal products anymore. It helped me understand that in this circle of life, what goes around comes around which is what ultimately made me decide not to support industries that capitalize on the pain and suffering of other living beings. It’s been more than a year since I made the transition and I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for this healthy and conscious lifestyle.” Thank you for featuring me as a #PrettyStrongVegan,! 🙏🏼 I super love your vegan siomai with chili sauce, aligue pasta and mushroom cream pasta with vegan meatballs! 🤤 I’m so grateful for local vegan food businesses like yours that promote a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle as well as help save the environment by using eco-friendly packaging. It really shows how we can all do our part in helping our world recover especially during these times of struggle and uncertainty. #wereinthistogether 🥲✨🤍