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In 2014, the Obama White House asked if I would be interested in serving my country. Of course I would be, but I had no idea of what that really meant. I learned that there are many Boards & Commissions that the President must appoint Americans to and I was to be considered for such an appointment. Wow. Who me? What an honor. The wonderful Alyssa Mastromonaco, President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff, spearheaded the process. I remember where I was when she asked me what I thought about joining the Board of the Fulbright program, the legendary international educational exchange program that is a preeminent program of the U.S State Department. I was in fact very familiar with this amazing senior year at Duke University I actually applied for a Fulbright—and was flatly rejected. I came clean about this experience and asked if that prevented me from joining the Board. I was told, no, I was still eligible. Since I learned that the Board is actually the final approval in the long application process, I chalked up my appointment as the truest form of poetic justice. ;) In October 2014 the White House officially announced my appointment (picture 3). Doing this work for the past 5.5 years has been, quite truly, the honor of a lifetime. There are 12 members of this Board and I have met the most interesting, committed Americans through this work, supported by the remarkable, wonderful, dedicated staff at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Since the election in 2016, this Board remained unchanged...meaning all 12 of us were Obama-appointees. We banded together and continued our important work. Recently, that started to change and the current President started to appoint people. I recognized it was time for me to go and, while we were traveling, I received word that I have officially been replaced. I attended my final Board meeting in Phoenix on Thursday. It was nice to say goodbye to many friends and thank the dedicated men+women who have devoted their careers to this work. And I ended on a high...I was in India last week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Fulbright program between the US-India. I gave remarks at an event in Delhi and,