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guys!!! my biggest dream has come true. i dont think ill ever have the right words to express this feeling but its ok. ever since i can remember, my dream in life was to have a makeup line. makeup has been one of the biggest lights in my life for me. sometimes when i cant find the right words to say ill just translate it in makeup. if im feeling off, makeup is my way to feel better. ive always been able to express my emotions through makeup. its such a therapeutic thing for me. just to lose myself in the look im doing that day. its so special. this wouldnt be possible without @morphebrushes. you guys made my biggest dream come true. you are all powerhouses! the fact that you let me take full control and completely make the line exactly how i wanted, makes me want to cry. the whole team at morphe is more than amazing. you guys were a dream to work with and i will never be able to put in words how grateful i am for each and every one of you. tonya, you are the reason for so much of this. i remember saying so many times when i was younger i just wish i could have a makeup line and she always told me its gonna happen. she never doubted that. and now here we are. our dream brought to life. the love and passion we share together over makeup is so special. its our thing. and it always will be. without you, this all wouldnt of happened. i used to be so scared to play with colors and be bold. but you completely opened up my eyes and pushed me to create. one of my most favorite things in the world is creating and experimenting with you. i love you so much. youll never know how much you mean to me and how thankful i am for you. and to my team, i love you all. you guys always believe in me and are always down for any of my crazy ideas! dream team literally. and lastly to all my supporters, i hope you all love this line as much as i do. i put my entire heart into it. i worked so so hard on the shades, the drawings, the packaging. everything! go crazy, experiment and be creative!! i love you all. so much. thank you to everyone. sending all the hugs in the world. brb gonna go cry again 凌 #ad