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MY NINE MOST IMPACTFUL MOMENTS OF 2019 1.) when i pulled my hamstring twice and started turning into thanos... then raged my face off in Ibiza for two weeks and made it 10x worse. - 2.) the passing of a young legend. Kong Da Savage was kidnapped & eaten by a coyote. This was the last pic we ever took. He was so soft & so dumb & he’ll always hold a special spot in my heart. If you’re a coyote and you’re reading this, im coming for you 🏹 - 3.) adoption of a new legend, @BroleyBlue, the world’s greatest looking husky. I try to emulate this dog’s energy. He’s always happy, ready for adventure, and eager to please. My new best friend. - 4.) when i slapped a man into the 8th dimension & realized i DIDNT want to fly to Russia and enter the International Russian Slapping Contest. May seem obvious but this was a big growth moment for me in realizing that Life > Content. - 5.) When we trolled the entire world & infiltrated the flat earth community under the guise that I, Pogan Laul, believe the earth is flat. Don’t be f**king morons. - 6.) the death of the most iconic bird in history: @MaverickParrot. This little sun conure was my GUY since high school, before Vine. He was eaten by @GingerTheGiant, who is currently at Bad Dog Camp. Maverick became a martyr as he continues to emblazon @MaverickByLoganPaul apparel on people across the world. - 7.) extending our family at the Watts Empowerment Center. We brought a Winter Wonderland to kids in California who have never seen snow. I love these hooligans. - 8.) We’ve been saying it, but the world finally caught up... @ImpaulsiveShow was awarded “Podcast of The Year” at the 2019 @Streamys awards. Holy sh*t this show has changed my life & people’s perception of me. - 9.) THE FIGHT... after becoming a professional boxer & three months of a grueling fight camp, I unfortunately came up short. Sort of. We sold out the Staples Center, made internet history AGAIN, & became one of the most successful boxing events on @DAZN_USA. I’ll likely have two fights next year, 1 MMA and 1 Boxing. - Final notes: I didn’t suck that dick (sorry?) Team Maverick is doing 2020 sober 2020 is the year of the girlfriend Two points was bullsh*t