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❗️ LISTEN UP! All of my workout plans have a purpose. All of them are thoughtfully put together to help you reach your goals no matter if you want to work out 3, 4 or 5 days a week, if you prefer to burn calories while doing weightlifting or cardio (or both), if you’re working out in a gym with fancy equipment or in your basement with dumbbells and barbells.  ❗️Let me tell you more, 
None of my plans has the typical bro-split where you train back/biceps, legs/glutes, chest/triceps/shoulders and so on - you might wonder why since this is a very popular way to train, right? It’s because it doesn’t work for everyone!  💡This type of split works if you’re a professional athlete/bodybuilder who trains every day and sometimes even more than one time per day. 

We know from studies that the most effective way to get results from weight training is to train each muscle about two times per week (2 is much better than 1, but 3 is not much different from 2). So if you split your muscle groups into the example above, you won’t be able to train through everyone by going to the gym 3-5 days a week.  That’s why I create my plans with a lot of variety, upper/lower body split or mix 3-4 muscles in the same workout. That’s also why I’m currently creating a full body split workout (4 days a week) because I know you can get great results if you train properly (in conjunction with a proper diet ofc), without having to sacrifice your career, education or social life!  Fitness should be accessible for everyone! 
Imagine how much happier & healthier this world would be if we all experienced endorphins on a regular basis!  Even my glute focused-plan has many thoughts behind it. It’s not only put together according to the 4-way glute gain method I believe in. It’s also created to give you the best possible results through your exercises but also your recovery! Hence why you’ll train two glute days followed by 3 and then back to 2 week by week. It will also allow you to add your own upper body days without sacrificing your recovery-time.  Here’s some moves you’ll find in my Brilliant Booty Plan! 
1️⃣ Bulgarian Split Squat 
2️⃣ Hack Squats (Modification available) 
.. continues 👇😝
❗️Activity, aging & well-being! Physical Activity is a powerful & accessible tool everyone who can, should use! I truly wish as many as possible get to feel the feeling that being consistently active does to you - inside out!! I honestly wish doctors ”subscribed” to fitness more than medicine in some cases because it is beneficial for SO MANY! Here’s FIVE benefits of being physically active: 1️⃣ Makes you happier. - Your body releases endorphins during/after training. Endorphins do not only make you feel incredibly good (joyful) it also decreases sensitivity to pain (reduce pain).  2️⃣ Reduces stress & anxiety. - Prolonged stress is very hard on your mind and body and your ability to recover after training is reduced heavily. Training regularly helps heeps with reducing stress.  3️⃣ Slows down aging. - Specifically weight training helps slow down aging as you’ll keep your muscles, strength & ability for longer. At age 40 you will start losing muscle mass quite rapidly if you don’t weight train. You’ll also keep your ability to move with healthier joints for much longer!  4️⃣ Keep the fat away. - As you’re getting older the fat will try to sneak up on you and layer on to your muscle fibers. When that happens you’ll gain fat and lose functionality of your muscles. By being consistently physically active, you’ll eliminate this from happening.  5️⃣ Healthy Looking Skin. - Physical activity increases the blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin. This helps the skin to heal quicker and look younger! When you’re physically active your skin starts creating more, of some proteins that helps decrease inflammation in your skin and it also produces a growth hormone that makes the skin look thicker and more full/plump!  Ps; exercising helps improve your brain function. Have you ever got this BOMBASS idea in the middle of a workout that you just HAVE TO make reality? Haha, happens to me almost all the time! Quite interesting.. Let me know what you think!! 👇 Keep Being Active! No matter what your activity looks like. 💗
Read caption 💯 Left is me training 5-6-7 days per week, majority weight lifting, some insane cardio sessions, drinking 1-2 protein shakes per day a long with protein rich foods and binge eating everything on weekends aka ”cheat day”. Right is me training 4-5 days per week with a mix of high/low rep weightlifting & daily, but no extreme cardio (Stairmaster, Incline Walks or outdoor walks/jog). Occasionally or no protein shakes, balanced diet (balanced meaning eating everything in moderation, focusing on nutritional foods instead of blindly looking for the ”High protein” mark.) Not cutting out any foods/treats but also no specific ”cheat day”. I used to train and supplement like some kind of wannabe bodybuilder with a bro split plan would, but that body type or strength was never a goal of mine. I just thought that is ”the way you’re supposed to train”. Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking you NEED a certain diet, supplement or exercise regimen. What you NEED is to trust in yourself and allow yourself to find an exercise regiment and nutrition plan that works FOR you and WITH you.  Save yourself a whole lot of time and do what makes YOU happy! This has always been in the back of my mind when creating workout plans - that we like different. We ARE different. And that does not mean only some of us should train. Training is SO SO beneficial for our mental and physical well-being. It defiantly has lots of aging benefits and I really thing everyone who can should exercise. I want to provide as many great training plans I possibly can to help as many of you as I possibly can!  1️⃣ HOME PLAN: Posh Home Body: Targets your full body over 3 workouts per week with additional outdoor power walks.  2️⃣ HOME PLAN: Booty Bible: Targets specifically your glutes 3 times per week! Can be combined with Posh HB or you can add your own upper body days and challenges from any plan or use the 300+ exercises in the library! 3️⃣ GYM PLAN: Smart Sculpt: Targets your full body over 4 workouts per week with weight lifting focus. Tons of variety and similar to an upper/lower body split. You don’t need anything else than this plan!  .... caption continues in comments. 💗
Please read caption 🔻 Here’s a 33 y/o body who hasn’t had a protein shake in over a year (probably two). This body belongs to a woman who is pretty fed up with how bullshit the supplement world has become. Way back I fell in love with fitness & health, nowadays fitness has lost it’s ”health”. Today the fitness industry is everything but healthy and it truly breaks my heart because health should be everyone's priority - take it from someone who has been really reallllly sick. If you don’t have your health , you don’t have anything. If you’re sick you can forget muscle gain and fat loss, your priority will be way different then. ⚪️Everything does not have to be flavored ”rainbows and butterflies”. Our bodies do not need that extra crap, honestly - vanilla or apple works fine. ⚪️A candy bar does not get healthier because a brand puts the word ”protein” on it. ⚪️Your vitamins do not have to be shaped like gummy bears & taste like candy. Like wth? Veggies and fruit does all that and then some. ⚪️You do not need protein shakes to build muscle. You need protein supps to build muscle IF you lack protein intake from your food (ie when you’re cutting or so). Ps, this is not me saying you should not take supplements. This is me saying you should not let the industry fool you into thinking you NEED them, because you most likely don’t. And if you do, make sure they are of high quality because your beautiful body deserves it. Healthy before wealth - before anything, really. 💗👏
20s x 30s 🙋🏼‍♀️ Can you BUILD muscle while being in a calorie deficit? One of the most asked questions during every single story-Q&A, hehe. Since the answer is a bit more lengthy than what I normally reply to on story Q&A, let’s talk it through here! 

❗️Short answer is: YES! You can definitely build muscle while being in a calorie deficit - but it’s not easy (everybody would probably do it if it was, duh).
1️⃣ There’s a couple important factors when it comes to this, first being - your type of training. If you want to build while cutting, you have to lift weights (heavy weights!) Doing only cardio and bodyweight HIIT sessions will not cut it. Lifting heavy is key!  The reason you need to lift heavy is because it will put more stress on the muscles which tells your body “hey keep these muscles I really need them” so not only will you build a little, but you will also keep the muscle you have, while cutting. 

2️⃣ 2nd one is your diet, even if it’s low in calories - it has to be high in proteins! Here’s when it becomes tricky to eat enough food to hit your protein level without exceeding your calorie intake. This is where most people use protein supplements - and matter of fact, probably the only time you really ”need” protein supplements.  This type of muscle build takes longer time than doing a bulk, it’s tough because most people don’t have the energy to lift heavy while being on a calorie deficit plan. Personally I have never done a bulk, and never a structured cut either (I unwillingly lost weight when I was sick but that’s not a diet). I know my body well enough now to have an idea of what I need to stay in calorie balance. From there I add my training (Mix of heavy weights, a little cardio (90% LISS) and high rep days). Doing Smart Sculpt-plan inside my app & web fitness tool now, 4 split efficiency training! 

💗 Hope you found this helpful!