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This Flashback edit literally makes me cry!! It’s been a long, intense, yet INCREDIBLY FULFILLING JOURNEY!!!!!! The first Act of my life was in the USA. The 2nd Act in India. And I’m well underway in my third Act!!! At times I’ve felt defeated and so unsure of how to β€œstart over” sort of speak and REALLY, TRULY, UNABASHEDLY, and UNAPOLOGETICALLY, chase after my dreams. I am 100% DONE letting obstacles get in my way. I am more confident in who I am and what I offer this world than ever. And with a pure heart, mind, and deepest desire to have my work not be for me, but for others, I’ve realized the third act is called ACTS OF SERVICE! All I want is to inspire. To share. To help. To teach. To give, give, give!!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for years of your outpouring support. I’ve had the most special connection with you, my fans, friends, and followers, for the past 15 years of my career. And I have felt your love from ALL OVER THE WORLD. I truly believe the energy we bring one another makes this world a better place! The gratitude I feel for that connection brings me to tears and makes me feel like I can fly all at the same time. So I guess I’m just a crying dancing bird over here lol. I love you all so much!!!!!!!! Thank you so much @iss_your_boy_mityaaaa for surprising me with this edit!!!!!!!!! You have no idea (well you do cuz I’ve told you many times) how meaningful and special this is to me πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ Music β€œStereo Hearts” - @adamlevine @gymclassheroes β€œZaalima” - @arijitsingh @harshdeepkaurmusic #memories #throwback #journey #love #gratitude #dance #film #usa #mylove #india #merijaan