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Click the link in my bio to support... Repost from @theofficialai3 below: For The Most Part, I Use Social Media To Show My Fans What I Am Up To, And Also To Check In On Other Friends And Family.   Today, I Want To Take This Moment To Open Up About A Situation That Has Been Weighing Heavily On Me For Over Two Decades. My Friend, And Brother, @IAmTroyKetchmore Has Been Wrongfully Incarcerated And Fighting To Prove His Innocence Of A Crime He Did Not Commit, For 26 Years. I Am Not An Attorney, And Not Giving Anyone Legal Advice. However, I Have Seen Legal Injustices Taking Place Against Black Men Time And Time Again, And I Know That My Brother Is Innocent Of The Crime He Was Convicted Of. Troy Is Now Represented By One Of The Best Post Conviction Attorneys In The Country @JarrettAdamsLaw New Evidence That Supporters Troy’s Innocence Has Recently Been Obtained.  The Legal Team Is Gearing Up To Submit His Case To Attorney General @MarkHerringVirginia, Who Has Launched A New Conviction Integrity Unit, Designed To Investigate Claims Of Innocence.   This Post Is A Passionate Plea For A Serious Review Of My Brother’s Case, And Not Intended To Attack @MarkHerringVirginia , In Fact, I Commend His Office For Taking Claims Of Innocence Seriously. I Am Asking My Fans To Support By Clicking The Following Link (See Comments) And Signing The Petition In Support Of My Brother Coming Home As Soon As Possible! For More Information Contact @jarrattadamslaw And Visit IAmTroyKetchmore.Com