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I was 15 years old in New Orleans when I saw my 1st ball & amazed would be an understatement. I would sit and watch old vhs tapes that trickled down to nola and imagine myself there being celebrated for who I truly knew I was on the inside. It felt like a safe space that I knew I was supposed to be a part of... and I was right! I walked and won my first major ball at 17 that started a whirlwind that changed my life forever. I was a very young girl with a lot of growing to do, but thankfully enough I was surrounded by people who loved me and helped me do just that. The ballroom saved my life and I say that all the time. This is such a full circle moment for me because this is the same venue that I came out of the butterfly box yearsss ago, which was a chaotic night to say the least, lmao (that ball was later deemed the ‘Mother’s Day Massacre” 😭) So to step back on the same stage more than 15 years later, not as the timid little girl that I was, but as a very grown & very accomplished woman who knows a lot more about life and who’s ready to share, steer & guide the next generation as it was done for me before gives me a feeling I can’t explain. There’s no way I can tag everyone but I must say thank you to Jack, to Andre, to Fred, to Selvin, to Tregonie, to Barbie 👼🏽 , to Kelly, to Kedon, to Josh. to all my big sisters & aunts who showed me the way and everyone who’s shown me love over the years. Thank you to Vinny & Tempress for everything. It feels so good to be home and I’m so excited for the future ..see you at the next function. 👑😉 - Mother Ⓜ️Ⓜ️