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When someone asks how much extra salt I want on my food... swipe to see! 😝 I had just finished making my lunch and was doing the final seasoning with salt, and I found out the hard way that the lid of the salt shaker was not screwed on properly 🙃🙃 Seriously though, I’ve been changing up my lunches recently, and have created my new favourite lunch that takes no time at all to make 🙌 Lunches don’t have to be super complicated and fancy to make them delicious! I normally go for something very simple like a mediterranean salad, with tuna, brown rice (or pasta), and I would be very happy to eat that every day 🤣 Having quick and easy meals means that it's more convenient for you - it's easier to reach for something healthy if it's super simple to prepare. Some people find that the best way for them is to meal prep for the week ahead, or have ingredients cut up and ready in the fridge to use! So for my new favourite salad, what I will do is grab a roast chicken from my local supermarket, and shred it all up. The salad base is a mixture of chopped up fresh tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, red onion, brown rice, and basil. I'll then top the salad with the shredded chicken, some burrata (the most delicious creamy cheese!), olive oil, salt, oregano and balsamic glaze - tell me that doesn’t sound like the best salad ever?! 🤣 I’m hungry even thinking about it now! You could even easily swap the chicken out if you had any leftover protein from previous meals! #SWKCommunity, tell me about your go-to lunch recipes! #SweatCommunity #Food #SweatwithKayla #Lunch #SWK #foodie
Tell me you’re excited for the Olympics without telling me you’re excited for the Olympics. I’ll go first.👆🤤 😂 Every time I see Olympic athletes walk on stage for the opening ceremony, I always think that if it wasn't for them, I don't think I'd be a personal trainer today. Growing up, all I saw was magazines and TV ads showing fads of celebrities with their "5-second shred hacks" or whatever it was. It always felt like there was a false sense of 'inspiration' coming from the fitness industry. And to be honest, it was not something that I wanted to be a part of. But when I got a little bit older, I specifically remember seeing the athletes on TV that had made it to the Olympics one year and it made me think 'wow'. I was fascinated (and still am) about HOW they trained and exactly what they did to get themselves ready to compete at this elite level. I always had an interest in fitness, but I found myself really getting into finding out exactly what type of training these athletes did to reach peak performance. This not only reformed how I felt about the fitness industry, but it also sparked my passion for helping people reach their own version of 'peak' performance, too. And this was actually one of the (many) reasons I decided to become a personal trainer 😊 I love watching these Olympic athletes succeed. Not only do they bring a sense of national pride to all the countries involved, but you can almost feel the emotion these athletes experience when they reach that goal they have worked so hard for. It's amazing to see and they are so inspiring. ❤️ #SWKCommunity - what is your favourite sport or competition to watch in the Olympics?? #SweatWithKayla #SWK #SWKCommunity #SweatCommunity #food Pic - @thenewprimal
How to keep your personal trainer happy in the gym... 😉👇 After posting my gym etiquette reel earlier today, I thought it would be helpful to actually explain some of these do's and don'ts when working out in a gym! So here are my top 3 gym etiquette tips explained! Tip #1 - PUT YOUR WEIGHTS BACK WHERE THEY BELONG! ❌ There's nothing worse than walking up to a half-empty dumbell rack with identical-looking dumbells scattered all over the floor. Almost just as annoying is when the dumbells are put back on the rack out of order! ✅ I suggest taking the time to wipe your equipment after use, then carefully put them back in their place and in order for the next person to use (lighter dumbells go on top, heavier down the bottom). Tip #2 - WIPE DOWN YOUR EQUIPMENT.... PLEASE! ❌ There's nothing wrong with getting sweaty during a workout, but please, don't move on to the next exercise without cleaning the equipment first! No one want's to workout on a sweaty bench 😫 ✅ Most gyms now have spray and/or wipes available around the gym! I suggest locating these before your workout. Once you've finished an exercise, spray and wipe both your equipment and benches as soon as you've finished with them to make sure everything is kept sanitised and clean. Tip #3 - DISMANTLE YOUR EQUIPMENT & PUT IT AWAY. ❌ Want to know what turns a 30 minute workout into a 50 minute one? People that don't dismantle their machines leaving you to do it all on your own!! 😛🙅‍♀️ ✅ When you've finished using machines like the leg press or squat rack, I suggest taking off your weights and putting everything back in its original place. Dismantling your equipment takes 30 seconds and it shouldn't be left to the next person to do it... especially if the weights are heavy! So... there you have it! My top 3 gym etiquette tips to remember next time you're in the gym, or using my new High Intensity Strength Program! #SWKCommunity, do you have any other tips you'd like to (respectfully) share? 🤭 Let me know in the comments below!👇 #SWK #SweatCommunity #SweatApp #Sweat #Gym #Gymworkout