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Take pride in yourself! @confidentiallykatie what a journey we have been on together!! I LOVE how you talk to the pride you gained in yourself with every workout completed and how that revolutionised the way you view yourself. The acknowledgment that we have to make the time for self-care is something I 100% agree with. For my High Intensity programs and the amazing #SweatCommunity to have such an impact on you is awesome!! Katie said "It was nearly five years ago that I first came across Kayla Itsines' High Intensity program (formerly BBG) and decided that exercise was going to be the thing I did for me. I had recently given birth to my second child, and with two under two, I felt lost, tired, and defeated. My cup was empty, and I knew something had to change. With every work out I completed (no matter how many times it was interrupted!), I gained something I hadn't felt in far too long ... pride. That pride grew as I stayed committed to this new healthy habit, and over time, it revolutionised the way I viewed myself. Kayla's program, and the community behind it, has transformed me into the confident woman I am today. I have learned that I am the best version of myself - the best mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, colleague - when I prioritize self-care and seek out the things that bring me fulfillment beyond my role as it pertains to someone else. As women, and especially as Mothers, we tend to put ourselves at the bottom of our priority list. We find it impossible to make time for self-care and self-fulfillment, no matter what form that may take. But I have learned that what it truly comes down to is whether or not we value ourselves enough to make the time. We deserve this. We are worth it, too." If you're ready to prioritise your own self-care download or update @Sweat via the link in my bio to start your FREE 7-day trial today. Today could be the day you begin taking the first step towards viewing yourself differently! #SweatwithKayla #SWKCommunity #Sweat #SweatCommunity
#ProgramProgress 🎊 Awesome progress from Jamie (@jnic_fit) with my High Intensity program! Jamie, I love your perspective on hard work and the rewards you've reaped from showing up everyday on your fitness journey. It can be easy to make excuses and find other things to do when you are trying to establish a new routine, but consistency leads to results. Jamie I'm so proud of you! Jamie says: "This was my starting point. 5.5 years ago I was in a really unhealthy place. I knew I wanted to change, but didn’t know how. It wasn’t until I found @kayla_itsines programs that I truly turned around the bad habits I had been creating. People always ask how long results take. Even though these photos are 5.5 years apart, results did not take that long. Everyone is different, but for me, I usually start to notice a change around weeks 3-4. It takes me about 6 months to get to where I like to be after working out constantly. Life will throw us hurdles and curve balls that cause regression, however, I always find my way back to Kayla's program because of how effective it is." Taking the first step to creating healthier lifestyle habits is often the hardest. If you're ready to make a change, all my programs include beginner weeks, so no matter where you're at on your fitness journey you can find a program to suit you. If you don't already have @sweat, head to the link in my bio for your FREE 7-day trial today! #SweatwithKayla #SWKcommunity #transformations #transformationphoto #fitness #fitnessmotivation #Sweat
My NO JUMPING Low Impact program. I've made my style of training much more accessible to women everywhere! Who is Low Impact for? I know that in the past there have been women, including my own mum who looked at my BBG programs and thought “no thanks” because they were too hard or they didn’t want to do plyometric exercises that require jumping. So I decided to do something about it, and created Low Impact program! It’s an 14 week program with easy-to-follow, joint-friendly workouts that can be done in less than 30 minutes — with absolutely NO jumping required! What is included within my Low Impact program? My program includes 14 weeks of training you can do at home or in the gym. Each week, you will have the option to choose from five resistance classes, three cardio sessions, and three recovery sessions. Your weekly scheduled sessions will include: ✅2-3 resistance sessions ✅2 cardio sessions ✅1 recovery session ✅1 rest day What equipment do you need for Low Impact? To get the most out of my program, you will need: • Mat/towel • Dumbbells • Chair If you don’t have dumbbells, you can substitute for two safe objects of the same weight, such as bags of food, water bottles or other household items. If you don’t have a suitable chair, you can use a stable, flat surface such as a bench or step instead. I want women everywhere to feel empowered while working out, and my Low Impact program gives you the tools to achieve your fitness goals with low-impact and minimal-equipment exercises (remember NO JUMPING) — to build your confidence! If you're ready to give my new program a go and you don't already have @sweat, start your free 7-day trial today by downloading it via the link in my bio. #SweatwithKayla #SWKcommunity #LowImpactWithKayla
My post pregnancy program👩‍🍼 A program for anyone woman who’s had a baby and doesn’t know where to start to rebuild their fitness. After having my daughter, Arna, I found that I had lost a lot of core strength as a result of having a C-section, and I couldn’t just start training as I had done right away! What is my post pregnancy program? My Post-Pregnancy is a program designed alongside a team of exercise scientists for women who’ve had a baby, to help them return to exercise with confidence. The program can support new mothers to rebuild their strength and fitness after pregnancy and birth. The workouts are short, ranging from 15-25 minutes, to fit into the busy life of a new mother. Every women’s post-pregnancy journey is different, so it’s essential that you work closely with your health professionals and only do exercise that you have clearance to do. As a new mother, making time to look after yourself and keep a healthy mindset is so important! It can be hard to take time away from looking after your new baby, and that’s why I designed this program to be flexible, with workouts you can do at home. Are you a new mum trying to get back to fitness? How do you find time to take care of yourself? If you're ready to give my Post Pregnancy program a go and you don't already have @sweat, start your free 7-day trial today by downloading it via the link in my bio. #SweatwithKayla #SWKcommunity #PostPregnancy #PostPregnancyWorkout #PostPartum