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Thanking the warriors of 2020 ♥️ dr neeta warty , her fellow doctors and every frontline worker for protecting us each day. There are no words to express our gratitude and admiration. Dr neeta says - I’m looking after NSCI CENTRE FOR COVID it’s grown Frm an isolation centre to a dedicated Covid hospital CCC2 to DCH we look after 600 beds of Covid positive pts who have mild to mod symptoms Also pts wth co morbidites like Diabetes hypertension kidney disease Also cancer pts in a collaboration wth Tata Hosp I also have inmates frm arthur road jail for treatment I’ve also started looking after pregnant patient s who have no facility as the Hosp s are really full And have transferred them only for delivery decreasing the load on bmc Hosp Now we r starting a mobile op theatre where we could deliver pts in an emergency. So I’m using my Gynaec skills here Also our Icu will be functional this week I’m a laparoscopic surgeon Frm the private sector and Covid is out of my comfort zone. I’m 60 And shd be sitting home But I’m a do er. Saving lives is the only doctrine I understand so I’m out trying to save lives My first concern is the lives of my healthcare Workers n doctors on the field. So we v made the facility contact less or wth min requirement Of staff Am so happy to be a doctor today because I can help save patient s n don’t feel helpless So it’s a choice I’ve made I haven’t met my Family esp my 87 year s young mother for month n half But ive promised her I ll come home safe once the Covid is defeated . ❤️you can nominate your hero 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️ link in my story @reebokindia #ReebokLove