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print(“Helloo, World!”) My name is Gabby (@gybanaag)- I’m an 18 year old into digital media and design, indie pop music, photography and film, and volunteering for causes I care about. I haven’t done anything particularly extraordinary, but I attended a really cool coding camp over the last two summers, and it changed my life - here’s my tech takeover and my story! While I had some experience with coding during high school, I had a lot of doubts on whether or not it was the right path for me - until my aunt suggested attending KWK. I was excited by everything about camp - the activities, community, and working on the coolest projects that focused on things like climate change, sustainability, journalism, and homelessness. Not only did KWK help me regain the confidence I needed to pursue tech beyond high school, but it showed me that tech had the potential to help others in big and small ways. I wanted to show aspiring changemakers that direct impact and bigger picture forms of action did not have to be the sole solution to solving big problems. So I created and founded @hellooworldsite- a place where coding overlapped with change, provided resources to learn about both coding and social impact, and inspired coders and activists to help their communities! Via Helloo World, I’ve been able to combine my interests with tech and use it for positive change by designing posts, making videos, and working on projects and events. Outside of Helloo World, I work on tech projects through other initiatives like summer camps, programming courses, internship programs, and organizations. Like I said, I’m not extraordinary. At the moment, I don’t go to the fanciest computer science school, intern for big companies, or carry a belt of tech awards, but I can still change the world with tech. And I founded Helloo World to let you know that you can, too - no matter how much experience you have or what your circumstances are. (If you don’t know where to start, start by saying helloo to the world!) I hope that you put your brightest ideas to work, channel your inner changemaker, and change the world - one line of code at a time. Thank you for having me, @kodewithklossy + Karlie!
👋🏽 Hi, lovely friends of Karlie! I’m @stephanietenameza & I’ll be taking over the incredible Karlie’s Instagram. I’ll share a bit about myself & what I’ve been up to since my profoundly impactful experience @kodewithklossy in 2016. 🍓 My name is Stephanie & I’m a #first-generation Mexican-American. I live in Salinas, CA, a rural agricultural community also known as the Salad Bowl of the World. I grew up as a daughter to agricultural #farmworkers and my upbringing has influenced my aspirations in tech. (The last picture illustrates what strawberry fields in my community look like.) 👩🏽‍💻 In 2017, I founded a coding club at my former middle school which has morphed into the Youth Tech Academy. We teach our students 21st-century skills through tech and empower them to pursue STEM in higher education. We are growing & plan to serve hundreds of students in the future! There is a lack of #diversity in tech and we aim to alleviate this issue by exposing the youth to this technology at an early age. 🌱 In 2019, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Stanford Human-centered Artificial Intelligence Inaugural Symposium and used this opportunity to advocate for the importance of inclusivity and diversity in AI. I also interviewed Bill Gates about AI which was a surreal experience! ✨ Fast-forward to 2020, I’m an incoming freshman at @Stanford intending to study computer science (CS), and this summer I was honored to be a student at @Google’s CS summer institute. 🌎 I plan to continue my efforts of building an inclusive and diverse tech future. One where regardless of race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, or location allows students to learn 21st-century skills. By including the voices of everyone, namely the voices of people who have been historically marginalized, we can build a future that serves us all. This should be important to everyone, especially living in an increasingly technological world.    💗 Thank you, Karlie, for utilizing your platform to elevate the stories of historically marginalized women in tech & thank you for reading to the end.