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3 THINGS ABOUT THIS MAKEUP LOOK... 1. This is NOT an every day makeup or lip look. I had to drink very carefully through a straw while I filmed with this🙅‍♀️😂 2. The bump on my lower lip is a scar from when I was a kid and my front tooth went through my lip into concrete😣😬🦷 2 and a half. Also, feel free to zoom in and enjoy the crookedness of my lower teeth...I love them, and will never change them, they are just like my dads) 3. I got to do some fun, extra-creative makeup for the show, since I’m the host, I thought I better be showing up with some creative razzle! (This makeup was for last Saturday’s episode of FAKE UP, the illusion makeup show I host & judge). Also the red eye liner at the inner and outer corner was fun and I thought was a cool combo with the “negative space-sketch” lip. 🔎FEEL FREE to zoom in on my makeup table set up in my wardrobe shots- where the makeup magic happened! Sometimes I had only 45 minutes to wash off my makeup, redo makeup and hair and new outfit between shooting different episodes! So if you need an artsy makeup look...and are not planning on drinking anything for a while, here’s your new lip look!😂 HAIR BY: @rikkigash MAKEUP & WARDROBE by: ME PHOTO: by me, my one light & my iPhone Would you Guys want outfit details?🤷‍♀️ So thankful I get to be the host of #FakeUp #Makeup 🙅‍♀️#makeupoftheday #everydaymakeup #lip #look #style #creativemakeup
How cute is she?! This is our little rescue kitty, we adopted from a shelter. Her name is: Rocky Road Balboa Rocky Road (spaced out since we call her “Rocky”) because she looks like Rocky Road ice cream, and “Balboa”, for Rocky Balboa because she gets a little fighty sometimes!😂 🙈It took us so long to decided on a name. It’s hard to get 5 people to agree on a name. We came up with: S’mores: was not as fun to say as you’d think Pixie: we thought we nailed it with that, but it just wasn’t working Cookie: we couldn’t get everyone on board with it Millie: we thought that was cute to name her after my Nana, but my mom said maybe Nana would like we named our Cat after her Rosie: Ellie really liked Rosie, but we could get enough people behind Rosie At first she was just “kitty” until a name was officially decided💕 She is sweet and cuddly, she sleeps mostly next to Ellie in her little bed, that’s bed level with Ellie. Her hobbies include: a love for sitting on my computer keyboard, attacking my pajama pant bottoms, getting spicy and sometimes biting/attacking us, cuddling in laps, laying on weird things & being cute. I forgot to post a “We adopted a Cat” post back when we got her in December🙈’s been crazy times. But here she is. Huge hugs and purrs from Rocky and Me💖💕 Photo by my mom: @theshannonjohnson #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #cutecat #cat #rocky #adopt #a #kitty
20 years ago this photo was taken of me... These pictures cost me like $500 which felt like a million and after I paid the creepy photographer, he asked if I wanted to take some “tasteful nudes” for free. I declined. It was 2001 in Los Angeles. These were for headshots. Long before I ever wore makeup, I loved acting and was in musical theater from the time I was young. I was told repeatedly by an acting coach, an agent, and even a boyfriend at the time, that I “needed to lose weight”. Then that made me sad and I’d eat entire loaf cake at night to make me feel better😂 I’d finished cosmetology school, apprenticed on my 1st movie, moved back to LA, waitressed at a pricey Beverly Hills restaurant, where snooty people treated me bad & tipped even worse. Finally started making more money as a freelance makeup artist, booking tv shows, fashion shoots & anything that needed makeup. But being a single mom, without family close by it was too hard and costing me too much in “after pre-school child care” if the shoot was long. I decide to leave LA, and all my “dreams” of becoming an actress and give up on my makeup career and go back to live with my parents and try to do makeup there. 🌈I left LA, AWAY from my “dreams”, but it was my sling-shot moment because God was just pulling me, what I thought was “backwards”, so He could pull me all the way to Nevada. Far from LA where I would’ve stayed hustling my brains out to keep getting makeup jobs. To the exact moment where I was depressed, divorced again, had even more babies, not sure how I’d pay rent and I prayed for God to give me some way to take care of my babies and stay home with them. You couldn’t make money on youtube, but I started to teach all my makeup tips I had from being a makeup artist & felt like I had friends to interact with. I loved teaching & helping people feel pretty! Youtube eventually started paying and I had no idea when I prayed, that God would let Youtube become the blessing that would let me take care of my babies❤️ You might feel you’re going backwards from where you want, but it might be God getting ready to slingshot you into success!