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🙏🏻WE GOT ZEPLIN BACK LAST BACK NIGHT!!!🙏🏻 I WANT TO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FROM MY WHOLE HEART!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS, LEADS, HELP, LOVE & SUPPORT!!!!! AND PUTTING THE HAMMER DOWN. I LOVE YOU MADLEY! I encourage everyone to really talk with their kids. I never gaslight my kids. When they see something, hear, or question anything. We talk about it. Under certain circumstances we have been going through I spoke with my son about the possibilities of exactly what took place over the last 6 weeks. (not to the extent of not receiving him back) But other disturbing situations & actions. How when adults don’t get what they want they will do and say whatever to acquire just that, what they want. Zeplin knows I have a wild heart for all 4 of my babies. I always assured him that no matter what ANYONE says I love him the most & I’m always fighting for him no matter what, or again what anyone says. (My Dad would always tell me this when I was the same age) I know what that meant to me in confusing situations growing up. So I’ve always said it to my kids. Someone can manipulate a situation and try to manipulate your child. But you can not manipulate the heart and mind of a boy who already knows. So I knew in this situation that Zeplin knew in his heart I was looking for him & wouldn’t stop. Tho others would try to turn it around as a bad thing that I was doing so. I knew deep down his heart smiled and even giggled. Zeplin is the sweetest boy who loves both of his parents. - I hadn’t seen my son since Dec 19th. His Dad moved and wouldn’t disclose his new address. And would not return him. Even with a court order. With no information but, “Temecula.” Powerless to get him back. I turned to ig for help, leads, & info for the city they moved to. I had two pictures his Dad had posted of them over that time to go off of. With all the information I gathered from you and driving around in the dark for 4 hours. I found the very crosswalk from one of the pictures. I was only 0.6miles from him. I knew I was close. But had to come back in the day light....AND THEN.. What is most important is that I have my baby in my arms... THANKYOU!