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This year I started a new chapter in my life. I have my very own ranch called @StarYakRanch 🤠 I haven’t shared anything yet with anyone because it’s been my quiet place. The place that’s helped me heal. Being a makeup mogul, owner of shipping fulfillment centers, YouTuber, makeup artist for the last 20 years, dog mom… I’ve done alot. I’ve lived a crazy life and traveled the world living my dreams and creating my own lane. I can’t wait to continue to grow my brands and create the BEST makeup! But something I’ve always dreamed about, but never pursued, is owning alot of land, growing my own food and raising more animals. I’m so grateful to finally find my own little slice of heaven, in the beautiful state of Wyoming!! 🦬 To live in the middle of nowhere and be surrounded by nature for miles is something I truly love. To wake up every morning in peace and quiet, is truly what I call happiness. The journey to get here has never been easy but it was so worth it. THANK YOU to everyone who’s helped make these dreams a reality. I’m forever grateful. If you’ve never seen or heard of a yak before, they’re fascinating creatures. I have my own growing family of them and it’s been amazing to bond and spend time with such majestic animals. They’re very smart, they know their own names and I’m in love with their spirit. I’ve been filming the process of creating my ranch and can’t wait to share more with you all soon! ⭐️ Always follow your heart. You guys have been on this crazy roller coaster of life with me and I’m thankful each day I get to wake up and be here 💯 The Star Yak Ranch is NOT open to the public. Thank you 🥰 🏔 Find us on Facebook: Star Yak Ranch #staryakranch #jeffreestar #casperwyoming #wyoming #yak #staryaks #whiteyak