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GOOD MORNING 2020 HERE WERE MY 10 MOST IMPORTANT MOMENTS OF 2019 - 1. Finding a crazy ass friend who likes causing as much trouble as me we quite literally are the joker and harley quinn.. Tana made me realize it was time to grow up and leave the old cringe Jake Paul behind & be my true crazy ass self - 2. getting to do what i love most and create viral videos like this for you guys that amassed over 1 billion views this year. wtf.. I remember a decade ago hoping my videos would get to 1000 views on youtube (follow ur dreams) - 3. Ibiza is one of the craziest cities in the world and this trip was even crazier. I have to look at pictures to remember what happened😫 4. Breaking my hand from beating Joe Wellers ass and ended being in the hospital for a week which was a major set back this year but taught me to appreciate my health and wellness and not take that shit for granted 5. I healed up and started training side by side with my brother everyday for his fight against KSI. We learned a lot through camp and became warriors. Unfortunately the BS 2 point deduction means I need to finish off what he started. KSI vs. Jake Paul will happen in 2020🥊 6. Throwing the craziest party Los Angeles has ever seen at my house for @lifeofdesiigner ‘s bday. WTF.. it was project x in real life. should I throw another one? - 7. Getting married?! who would’ve thought?? - 8. Adopting this lil giant @lil_moo_and_thor who became a member of our family and is an absolute savage - 9. Being able to work hard on secret projects outside of social media like Tv shows & movies that will be coming in 2020!! ACTOR PAUL🤪 10. Most importantly starting to train for my fight on @dazn_usa January 30th in Miami for super bowl weekend with some legends like @kingryang & @shanemosley starting off the new decade with a bang. My opponent Gib is KSI’s minion bitch and is who I must defeat on the path to avenge my brother🥶LETS GO 2019 was easily the hardest year of my life but also the most important year of my life yet. this year had so many ups and downs and moments where I really got to figure out who I was and what I am made of. 2020 I promise i’m about to knock you the fuck out🥊
Just signed the fight contract & it’s officially going down🔥💵 Super bowl weekend January 30th in Miami⚡️IM GASSED😈As the undefeated champion amongst YouTubers and influencers coming into the sport of boxing, it’s my duty to elevate the skill level to the highest we’ve seen thus far. Training with Sugar Shane Mosely in the high altitude of Big Bear has turned me into a different breed of fighter. I am the precedent for internet stars learning the sport of boxing. For me Gibz is merely an inadequate stepping stone on the path to avenge my brothers loss against KSI, but before you have dessert you have to finish your veggies. I nicknamed Gibz “Pinocchio” for the frequent lies he tells about this fight and for his large protruding snout. I gave Pinocchio the opportunity to step into the ring with me on a silver platter. The biggest check and event he’s seen to date. Before he put his name in my mouth not a soul in America knew who he was. But his 15 seconds of fame will soon become 10 seconds of counting as he lays on that cold hard canvas knocked unconscious from my violent and precise combinations. His UK fans will quite literally say “Bloody Hell”. This for me is more than a fight, it’s a chance to show the world who Jake Paul truly is and that anyone with a dream and a vision can overcome adversity and rise like a titan. For me this fight is rooted deep; its for America, my family, pride, respect, and most importantly for my loyal fans who are the best in the world. On January 30th on @dazn_usa , I’ll set the stage for the rest of my life as a fighter. Mark your calendars and subscribe now (link in bio)