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✨🎉Today’s the day🗝 closed on our dream home [pre 1-2 years of renovation] but it’s truly a special space I cannot wait to share the whole process with you🔨 As a woman in business I want to not only want to share these big celebratory moments but also reflect back on all the sacrifices I made to save up to get to this point and the time I took to educate myself around finance, investing and saving 7years ago I moved to the US with $15k of savings and I’ve slowly built wealth and today I closed on my 4th property. Call me boring (I’ve never bought a flashy car, jewellery etc - if that’s your thing cool) but I’ve always enjoyed investing and trying to slowly climb the property ladder by buying homes I can renovate and make a return on. The assumption during all my transactions is that it isn’t ‘my money’ or I’ve seen people comment on my pics saying I’m with P for money - heck he could be with me for that🤣 - yes a woman can be a breadwinner and yes she can have a seat at all the tables. I am highly aware of my privilege during all these types of convos but would like to feel that I can share more regarding money and investing with you because that’s how we learn and as a female collective we talk a lot less about money and more about appearances and I’d really like to shift that focus - what do you think? Are you down to disrupt?💼💸 I mean we can still talk about body image and I’ll always be flying the ED recovery flag but financial abuse is rife and I’d imagine many of you also have goals for financial freedom and generational wealth (one of my fave content creators is @heyberna and to learn about and carry out my investing I use free @publicapp ) And of course wealth isn’t everything - health, happiness and family is always my top priority but money does = choices, security and opportunity and I want to do what I can to share inspo / info on how to support your goals too! Soooo what would you like to know about property investing? Pick my🧠 hehe . . . #femaleinvestors #femalepropertyinvestor #femalepropertydeveloper #femaleentrepreneur #businesswoman #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurmindset #propertyinvestment #propertyinvestor
My babies closet, which I wanted to be the cutest place in the house got out of hand. It literally became a dumping ground and it made me sad everyday. So much so I avoided because I just couldn’t deal with it - and of course that just meant it kept getting worse Thankfully I found the @homesort ladies🙏And I wanted to make this video for you to share how they helped me create systems so that it’s easier for me to stay organised. Because some of us are just a lil more messy than others🤷‍♀️ and that’s ok😬 But what wasn’t ok was that I let the mess infiltrate my self worth, I started to think I was a mess and let that bring me down and add to the already intense guilt of being a working mom and not having enough hours in the day I was hesitant to share all of this because I know there are far bigger issues in the world, and I’m highly highly aware of my privileges, but if this can help even just one of you feeling this as a new mom in a pandemic or literally anyone feeling overwhelmed - you can ask for help and you’re doing great (virtual hug)🥰 Basically I can’t recommend the @homesort team enough and we love to support female founded companies, so give them a follow, you’ll be obsessed with all the tips, tricks and before and afters✨ #homeorganization #homesort #homeorganising #nurserydesign #nurseryinspiration #montessoriplayroom #montessoriinspired #montessoriathome #organizing #beforeandafterhomeedition
They say for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned 🤯 and I think @homesort might be RIGHT!🤷‍♀️ I’m NOT the organised, on time and fully prepared Mom I dream of being. I actually started feeling more and more overwhelmed and realised I was affirming negative things about myself like “I’m such a mess”🙈 I realised I needed help, because it’s ok not to be able to do it all❤️ Even if it looks like everyone on social media has the perfect life, perfect house and all their 💩together it’s usually not the case and I’m done comparing myself to those standards So I asked for help from @homesort and I was so grateful they wanted to collab with me and help me get (and stay) organised✨ Here are the top 3️⃣ tips I learned from the @homesort team… 1. keep all like items together ❄️🧤🧣- all my dresses are in one place, my winter accessories together, and all bottoms are in the same area 2. plan for the closet you have, not the closet you wish you had 👀👠 aka donate when things are getting crowded - anytime I buy or get sent something new I try to giveaway something so I keep on top of the amount of “stuff” 3. find proper bins and containers that work for your space 🧺📦 I went for a mix of clear for my sunglasses / things I wanted to be able to quickly see and pick out then wooden baskets for the aesthetic and things I didn’t need on show 👉Follow @homesort for more tips and tricks to get (&stay) organized! They are a female founded and run small biz I can’t recommend them enough and so grateful they wanted to collab on these organising posts with me🙏 Also special thanks to @mdesign for gifting us all the organisation essentials we needed to make our space a functional, decluttered and beautiful! ☁️ it’s bins, containers, dividers GALORE over here and I’ve never felt so relieved having a organised system that works for our little fam👨‍👩‍👦