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One of the GREATEST inspirations to ever live, talking about one of the GREATEST challenges we face as human beings ESPECIALLY in the United States. If we want real change we must then change perception. Change the paradigm. Change the perspective. Its called unity. It is called, equality. In a time when we need unity, love, intelligence, compassion&equality more than ever in history; we are as divided as we were in 1863 and 1963 or 1968. How is that possible? In a time when we are facing a deteriorating climate already causing widespread economic loss, threatening our food systems, destroying our oceans, destroying our freshwater supplies punishing us with violent weather. How you ask? Systemic racism, social injustice&environmental injustice. How can we not see its all connected? WE, are all connected. We are responsible for this by not doing something about it. Those three things are at the core of our cracking foundation. We fix it-we fix our foundation, we help our people and we help our world sustain us. We must Invest in education. We must invest in communities and invest in unity. We need leadership in consumerism, leadership in government, leadership in business and across the board. We must understand history FIRST so that we will stop this cycle NOW and forever. Start exploring history and start researching BEYOND what your algorithm feeds you. Algorithms may be great for companies, governments and science that need/want mass amounts of information – I feel they are detrimental to society. They silently keep us in our own echo chambers without us even knowing. When you peer out of your periscope from your deep Instagram/social media opium den, you’ll see a world rich with history, culture and tolerance that is CRUCIAL for us to understand. We can only know how to move forward, if we know what’s behind us. If history repeats itself, then how can you stop that repeating if you don’t know what happened in the past? Did you learn about the 1921 Tulsa Massacre in school? Nope. They don’t teach it. I learned it from my football coach in high school. How is THAT possible? I always remember this: History is told by its VICTORS. Cont’d in comments