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Our front line workers have been risking their safety to keep us safe. Let’s not forget that the battle still continues . . Repost @anaitashroffadajania . Hello all you lovely people. Please take a moment to look at this. It’s a project very close to my heart. I know we all feel we have already donated plenty to various causes, But Please help here too. These warriors risk their lives for us everyday. If I could please urge you to open your hearts and donate generously to this very important cause. Also, If you can’t donate today please at least spread this message, as someone you know might be able and willing to. It’s time for us to support those who save us 🙏🙏❤️ @protectourprotectors is a campaign to protect our frontline workers, NOW more than EVER. This is the need of the hour! We are safe because of our amazing Covid Warriors - the Health Care Workers / First Responders / Police Personnel / Asha Workers and so many more. Sadly, we’ve already lost 1000's of them in this pandemic, and many more are still battling the virus. *At a cost price of INR 85 per high-quality reusable face shield, we aim to donate and distribute 2,00,000 shields to our protectors on the frontlines.* @protectourprotectors, Face First shields have collaborated with The Natasha And Adar Poonawalla Foundation to make this happen NOW! Please help us help them by donating towards this cause and appealing to others to do so. Every rupee donated will be matched by our generous donors - The Natasha and Adar Poonawalla Foundation Your small effort can save a human life 🙏 @protectourprotectors #protectourprotectors #frontlineworkers #savelives #coronawarriorsindia This has only been possible with the love,support and hard work of some amazing people @natasha.poonawalla @nipabadianidesigns @rchops