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🔥KILLER ABS WORKOUT🔥 by @ANITA_HERBERT Bikini season is almost here ladies! 😱 Join my brand new ‘Cuts & Curves’ FitQueen Challenge & let’s get those abs popping🍫😍 🏡HOME & GYM programs are included. MORE INFO ➡️ @ANITA_HERBERT WORKOUT ROUTINE👇🏽 🍫15-20 reps each exercise 🌀2 rounds Ok GIRLS are you ready?😈 These exercises are AMAZING & EFFECTIVE, if you do them correctly.. ⚠️CHECK YOUR FORM⚠️ - so you can actually make GAINS instead of WASTING your time at the gym😏 ‼️COMMON MISTAKES ❌ NOT BREATHING CORRECTLY ✅ Exhale as you come up ⬆️ Inhale as you come down⬇️ (- watch me on the video, I’m focusing on my breathing with each rep) ❌ NOT LIFTING YOUR LEGS HIGH ENOUGH ✅ To work your abs rather than your hip flexors, you have to lift your legs higher than your waist so that you’re performing hip flexion. Slightly bend forward with each rep to engage your abs and obliques by creating spinal flexion. ❌ Arching Your Back ✅ Keep your back straight and pressed against the pad. Your head and neck should be steady. ❌ SWINGING, NOT CONTROLLING THE MOVE ON THE WAY UP & DOWN ✅ Take your time with each rep and feel the contraction. It’s better to do 10 high-quality reps than 20+ 💩 ones If you're swinging your legs to get them up, then you're not doing a true leg raise. (I see this 👆🏽90% of the time at the gym , its a BIG NO NO 😩) 👯‍♀️TAG A FRIEND + GIVE IT A TRY! Have fun babes😜😜