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恭喜发财 Happy Lunar New Year 🧧Loved receiving Hong bao (red envelopes) as a kid and didn’t really know what they said. This one in particular is for weddings (according to my mom) says “100 years of no fighting with your spouse” 😂 I have fond memories of my Popo (grandma) shuffling her way to the bank in the morning to withdrawl cash so she could stuff red envelopes to pass out to her grandkids. With all the recent attacks/hate crimes on Asian-Americans, I can’t help but think about her walking down the street minding her own business only to be met with being yelled at, spit on, pushed to the ground, beaten or possibly killed just for having an Asian face. Anti-Asian rhetoric has been around in the U.S. since the early 1850’s many factors are at play and has sneakily continued over generations in various forms. We must get to the root cause of this and confront it now to find a way to protect our community and exterminate this hate that everyone should be appalled by. I encourage people to not stay silent and speak up as these are the first steps towards finding a better tomorrow. I would be remiss not to mention that we must avoid infighting within the BIPOC (Black-Indigenous-Person Of Color) communities. We will get nowhere if that becomes the focus. But a unity of understanding to build on together to get through these dark times. History tends to repeat itself when we don’t learn from the past. If you care about this, then I encourage us to keep the conversation going. But today, stuff those bellies and wishing you a prosperous new year with an abundance of wealth and health to spill over to your neighbors neighbors. #yearoftheox 🐂 #happylunarnewyear