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SLOW. PRACTICE. I JUST started learning “Married Life” from “Up”, a movie that dared to not make you wait until the END to start sobbing, but sucker punched your heart’s balls in the first five minutes. Also there were balloons. So this is a first day progress video! This is as fast as I can get through the first page without making mistakes, so as of today this is my speed. One of the most challenging and frustrating things to overcome while learning an instrument is the Ego’s insistence that you play fast, which is ironic because playing “fast” doesn’t even necessarily mean playing “well”. But the Ego is not a logical entity. What makes it even more challenging is seeing so many amazing musicians posting performance level videos on here because Ego says, “Hey! I wanna do that TOO!” But everything takes time and work, and often we don’t see the countless hours people spend making something great. I always have to remind myself of the LINE-SPEED-BEAUTY philosophy: you first have to get the mechanics down, then the proficiency will come, and at that point you can make it expressive, artistic, and beautiful. So why post a not-ready-for-prime-time process video? To show that everything HAS a process. That every “perfect” thing you see on Instagram that might otherwise make you go, “Eh, I could never be that good” and ultimately give up, went through a similar process. And I’m sure most—if not all—of those people wanted to give up at points, but managed not to. I bought this sheet music a year ago and it would have taken me at least a week to get to a place with this song that I got to in less an hour today. So if you’re thinking about starting a new thing or on the fence about whether or not you should quit, this is your reminder to keep going! A little bit of consistency will compound like interest and before you know it you’ll be better than you ever thought possible. Don’t worry so much about the result, just enjoy the process! #hugs #up #pixar #piano