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Image sent by: Greg Merritt of @thebarbell_com - That’s a 20yrs old baby faced kid, living his life all for bodybuilding, I am not sure how the hell this happened and I’m sure @neil_yoda_hill1 would remember but I was asked to guest pose at the British Grand Prix by legend Promoter Kerry Kayes, and yeah this is the show that was WON the same day by the king @ronniecoleman8 - I remember opening the back stage curtain nervously and the very first guy I ran into was the monster @markusruehl, that guy was massive and had about 6 people oil him up. Lol - The show began and I was told I was going on before the interval. I was nervously pacing backstage and went over to look through the curtain, and who was there doing the same, was no other than the legend @_chriscormier He said what’s up with a confused look as to why a 20 kid was doing backstage in posing trunks and all tanned up πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚ We got talking and Chris helped me with them nerves, on leaving he said β€œwhat’s your name bro”. I said Flex Lewis Now remember this was 17yrs ago and I got a lot of shit, like serious bullshit on message boards for my nickname Flex (which is what I have been called ALL my life since 6yrs old) i didn’t know that I would get into a sport that already had a Flex and not only that, he was one the greatest to Ever do it Flex Wheeler, and here I was with his training partner and his boy Chris Cormier, and all he done was nod and said β€œokay Lil flex go kill it” Long story short after that moment I stopped giving a fuck about what people thought about my name Flex, i worked my ass off to define my own path, build MY name up in this sport. Build a brand, a business, be the best I can be on stage and off. Be humble and confident and live that Moto daily. With all that said the only guy I felt I needed to talk to was Flex, to make sure he understood where my name came from..... and that is another story for another time. Lol - Oh yeah and the Grand opening of @the_dragons_lair I shared that story with Chris and man we laughed it was in fact caught on camera. πŸ˜‚ - Blessed to call both these guys my friends @officialflexwheeler @_chriscormier - πŸŽ₯ @gmv_bodybuilding