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“Lately when I find myself having a really hard time motivating myself, I switch my focus from ‘doing this for me’ to ‘doing this for FUTURE me’ and it helps me A LOT. It might sound silly, but hear me out...When something is hurting me right now, like running a new PR; or when my body is craving something and I'm telling it no... That sucks 😂 those times aren't easy! And sometimes, as much as I'm all about loving myself, it's just not the motivation I need in that moment. BUT. Future me? Rhyan of tomorrow, or next week, or next year? She doesn't get a say in the choices I make today. She will either be the victim of the circumstances I create for her, or she will look back at who she was today and she will love and be grateful for that girl. Knowing this, and knowing I am making choices and working hard for this future Self that I just love so much - I can feel that love, love that doesn't even exist yet, because THAT girl doesn't exist yet - being reciprocated back to me. It's wild, guys... but I'm serious. Working on actively loving and caring for the past, present, and future versions of myself has been such an incredible thing. I've talked a lot about my soul feeling untethered since my breakup, but I'm learning how to be tethered to myself, and to be secure in that. To feel SAFE in that. So, to the Someday Rhyan who might be reading this. I love you! Thank you for loving me too, and for appreciating this hard, hard work I am doing for us! ❤️” - @justwannabelieve . Click the link in our profile to join the #fallbackfearless Group Challenge at any time! 🥳🤩