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We’ve all been through it, the struggle to find the right contraception - so today I want to share mine as it’s been a game changer. For the past few years I’ve been using @naturalcycles which is the first FDA cleared Birth Control App 📱 It’s so easy to use and works off of your temperature 🌡 Every morning, I take my temperature, add the data into my app and it tells me whether I’m fertile (and need to use protection) or not that day. With typical use it’s 93% effective, and with perfect use 98% effective, which is the same effectiveness category as the pill. BUT, it’s all natural! No hormones, non invasive, literally just working with my body’s natural cycle 🙏 I’ve tried different methods of hormonal birth control & trying to find a good fit for me has been tricky. Some have caused mood-swings, or made me feel out of sorts and and emotional. The really wonderful thing is that I feel completely in control now 💪 I know my cycle inside out, and even though I’ve been using it for years the app still teaches me stuff. You can track so much. Mood swings, mucus, sex, etc (and plan a pregnancy if you’re at that stage in life). I could go on about this for ages as I couldn’t recommend this app enough! I am a big fan of empowering women and I think it’s so, so important to find the right option for you! If you think that could be Natural Cycles I have a promo code for you ladies today, use “FERNE” on and get 20% off on your annual subscription as well as a free thermometer. P.S. it’s for 18+ and doesn’t protect against STI’s (only barrier methods such as condoms do) #naturalcycles #ad
‘Everything will be okie pokie’ 🤗🥢🍚. ______________________________________ Ok my huni’s, as promised I said I would share my recipes with you on the main grid! So here it goes. My tuna poke bowl, packed with veg & flavour. Typically my recipes are easy, affordable, accessible & to feed the whole family however this Poke Bowl is going to take a little more time & care. It was just too colourful, beautiful & tasty to not post. Swipe ⬅️ left to see how to assemble your bowl. Ps. If you want a lunch in 5 on the go...then this is not for you. LOL. It takes a little time to make it look pretty. Soz about using every ingredient in my cupboard. Haha! But it’s totally worth it because the flavours are UNREAL. Enjoy 💜🥢😘. Ps. Not very good with quantities promise to get better. I am more of a judge it in the moment kinda cook! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ingredients - Jasmine rice. Cucumber (ribbons, use a potato peeler) Radishes (sliced) Fresh Mango Edamame beans Coriander Avocado (sprinkle black sesame seeds on top) Grated carrot (coated in light Mayo & sriracha) Shredded red cabbage coated in A peanut sauce. For the peanut sauce - 2 tbsp peanut butter 1 tsp miso 1 tsp grated ginger Large squeeze sriracha 2 garlic cloves minced Splash rice wine vinegar 1 tbsp soy sauce For the tuna - Use sushi grade tuna, I got mine from @bethnal_green_fish Dice into cubes & toss it in this dressing. For the dressing Juice of 1 lime 1 tbsp sesame oil 4 tbsp soy sauce 1 red chilli (diced) Sprinkle black & white sesame seeds 1 tsp ginger paste 1 tbsp runny honey. #pokebowl #pokebowls #foodporn #lunchinspo