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I've been creating videos online for about 11 years now and it's been the craziest ride. After 6 years of being a one man team, In 2015 I opened my first kitchen/studio, The Red Light, to shoot my content in, but I still wasn’t confident enough to go all in. From that we started gaining traction, so I invested more in the content I made. First by working with other production companies to produce my videos, but when that stopped making sense financially, I created my own production company. In 2018, I went full time and opened The Fat Kid Inside Studios (TFKI). We are currently a small team of 14 people who focus on creating narrative digital video content for ourselves (on various platforms), for brands, networks and for other creators. YouTube and Facebook, can be quite toxic. You are only as good as your last video. And if you’re like me and you don’t have a viral personality, you need to focus on the value that your viewers are getting. Moreover, Youtube and Facebook don’t actually pay you as much as you think, unless every video I make has millions of views, I wont even be able to cover the salaries of our employees, let alone the rent and our overhead expenses. That’s the reality and that’s why its so important for me to focus on the business side of things and produce more content vs just hosting a lot of it. By focusing on producing, the team and I will be able to do more. Moreover, we will be able to finally become the platform that I have always dreamed about, where we can work with different hosts, subjects and just tell other people’s stories. Creating more shows, series and documentaries, centred around Food, Encounters and TRavel. Featuring the Philippines and beyond. Starting today on YT and FB, we are no longer under Erwan Heussaff, we are now FEATR. And moving forward on FEATR, you will be able to watch everything you’ve loved about this channel and so much more. We are opening our doors and minds to other creators, brands and production companies, if you’ve been wanting to do something within these themes and have been looking for a production company and platform, drop us a line. Thank you for the support!