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REPOST @1pierre_k - Proud is an understatement. It is time. It took long. It was hard. But I have made it to this point. For me, it is not just “another weight loss post”, it is a life changing proclamation. Over the past 9 months I have learned more about my own capabilities and physical limits than I have ever known my entire life!! I have literally cried on some days and very nearly gave up when it became too much and it felt like I was never going to make it... but then one day I realized; what does it mean to “make it”? Is there an ultimate goal or point that I reach where I am satisfied? Will it be an ultimate physique or a mental state? 9months have taught me thus far that the mental state of living fit and healthy outweighs (pun intended )the physical attributes- though it is fun to look in a mirror and be happy to see that your hard work pays off! Every single day is a new day that brings a new challenge to this journey, mentally and physically and I had to teach myself to not compare or compete with ANYONE other than my previous day’s self. I want to be better than yesterday and learn today, what I can do better tomorrow. My ultimate goal is not reflected on a scale- that is simply a milestone. My ultimate goal is to carve a lifestyle and version of myself that will never again allow the inner fat-kid that lives in my mind to ever reflect the right side of this picture, again. I refuse. With the dedicated help of the amazing @zanehealthspecialist and team at @eminencefit here we are 25kgs later and only getting started. Watch... #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #newlife #change #transformyourlife #livewell #mentalhealth #happiness #motivation #journey #journeytohealth #eminencefit