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My last 1 of 1 #NFT drop before we do something that has never been done before in the NFT space! 🔥 One of the reasons you are seeing more and more about NFTs is because this space is giving people in all industries more control over their image and brand and their ability to share/sell a unique piece of them directly to us, the consumer. If you’re a fan of an up and coming artist for example and they release a handful of prints, photos, tracks or videos etc with NFT’s, you can purchase them directly from that artist. Directly supporting them and their direction by owning something that might have traditionally gone through multiple hands, generally benefiting most people apart of that project (agents, managers, distributors, ‘connectors’) before the actual artist. I’m still learning and I’m loving being apart of an industry that is changing the way we do business, how we interact and giving a bit of power back to tha people maaaan!!!! Link in bio to view via @opensea @rariblecom Visual design by the incredible. Photo. @laurenschulzvisuals H&M. @pennyantuar What is an 𝐍𝐅𝐓 you ask? Well an 𝐍𝐅𝐓 (non-fungible token) is a digital collectible item; effectively you’re the owner of the original item. This 1 of 1, as like are all NFT’s, is stamped with a unique bit of code that serves as a permanent record of its authenticity and is stored on the blockchain. A little digital piece of me and my team if you will ❤️