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Last month Lauren and I decided to part ways after almost 5 years together. It was a real difficult decision for both of us, but a decision we know is for the best. I spent by far the best years of my life with this girl, and I’ll cherish those memories forever. It’s pretty rare to find someone you instantly click with, share the same dreams with, and then be fortunate enough to go out and take on the world together. Lauren, It’s been a dream loving you, and although it’s hard for us to even understand what made us grow apart, I’ll continue to always be there for you, and support you. No one has ever inspired me the way you have, you made me laugh to the point where I couldn’t breath, made me feel so complete and so fucking happy, you’re one of a kind and I’ll miss you / us. I remember meeting you and feeling like I hit the jackpot, cuddling up during our first movie night in Fiji, the first time we held hands whilst walking in Sri Lanka, telling you I love you for the first time and you not hearing me 😂 damn, where did the time go? People see 5% of our life on Instagram, the travel pics, building our house, Oreo etc, but there’s so much more than that, and it’s those little day by day moments that aren’t shared with the world that I’ll miss the most. Who knows where this next chapter will take us, wherever it does, I’ll always be so thankful for the years we spent together, and for our friendship that we’ll always continue to share 🖤