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This very well may be the most important thing we will ever post on social media. On January 19th, 2019, we lost our father to cancer. That was by far the most difficult day we’ve ever had to endure. We didn’t just lose our dad…we lost our best friend. While he was battling such a devastating disease, he never let it defined him. Even while fighting something as terrifying as this, he still put the needs of everyone else before his own. He continued coaching. He continued helping students learn and grow. And he continued being the greatest dad and husband in the world. He was the most giving person we’ve ever known. To give our father the opportunity to improve the lives of the individuals and families battling cancer, we have started ‘Love From Sean’. ‘Love From Sean’ is a charitable foundation to continue the legacy of our best friend and father - Sean Dolan. By even giving a small donation to ‘Love From Sean’, you will be contributing to each of the following incredible causes: Saint Baldricks: aims to raise funds to find cures for children with cancer StandUp2Cancer: funds and develops the newest and most promising cancer treatments to help patients immediately Sloan-Kettering Memorial: a cancer treatment and research institution where Sean underwent his treatment Corporate Angels Network: helps fund travel expenses to and from cancer treatments for patients Cancer Hope Network: provides access to therapy for families dealing with grief and loss To donate, please visit the link in our bio. Thank you so much. #LoveFromSean