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#CoronaShaming is most dastardly act one can indulge into. Keep distance, be careful but don't lose empathy that primarily defines us as humans. My brother is a pilot, willingly self quarantined at home, while SHOWING NO SYMPTOMS for 13 days. Even if he would have been affected he would have got himself treated like any other dutiful staff. Until recently, when officials posted a label outside our Bhopal house which is important but it 'failed to mention that he's NOT COVID POSITIVE', I didn't know what trauma airline staff was going through. Several being made to leave their houses, many are being ill treated, their families are being stigmatised...just because THEY CHOSE TO SERVE YOU OVER THEIR LIFE! My father risks his life everyday to provide others medicines from his pharmacy. My brother dared to keep flying till last government directive so that several stranded passengers can return home. It's a risk so many brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers are taking every day providing us essential services, while their families can only pray for their well being. We conveniently traveled and we are still shopping for our medicines, grocery etc but when it comes to addressing these selfless workers, some of us choose to ostracise them! Least we can do is be respectful as neighbors and fellow citizens, let them live with dignity, if not thank them personally. #AviationCrewDeservesRespect #BeingQuarantinedIsNotBeingPositive #StopCoronaShaming #NotAllQuarantinedArePositive