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🚨Call to Action: Please donate to VENMO - @pennypooch or Cuenta Ahorros Bancolombia 74900000469. Donations are needed to support those in Cali, Colombia - Paramedics, Healthcare Workers, Low-Income Senior Living Communities, Low-Income Families, Indigenous Minga, Animal Shelters, and Potlucks organized for Low-Income neighborhoods. Colombia is in the middle of a national strike against the tax reform that plans to increase taxes for low income families, the new healthcare reform bill, and police brutality against protestors. Since 4/28 - The government in Colombia has established a deadly assault against the democratic demonstrators. Temblores (@tembloresong), a local advocacy group has reported that 37 people have died and 1700+ have been injured at the hands of Colombian police. This is a class, race, and ethnic war unfolding through wicked brutality in Colombia - and the Unites Sates government is in direct violation of human rights violations by financing the Colombian Armed Forces through the sale of anti-riot equipment, military aid packages, and more. We must stand in solidarity and support our siblings in crisis. We must protect our most vulnerable. That’s why we’ve teamed up to help the people in Cali and and nearby cities get through this national emergency! My friends in Colombia are in direct contact with the community in Cali and are organizing with them to make sure they get the support they need - food, medical supplies, money for basic needs such as housing and safety. Please donate and share this post. #SOSColombia ______________________________
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to reflect on what self awareness means to me... I’m learning to embrace my feelings without the fear of judgement and to radically accept all parts of myself. I’ve been taking the time to check-in on how I’m doing each day and I’m practicing being gentle with myself. It’s so easy for me to overlook my emotional health needs as I’m so consumed by the day… but i’m doing my best to make that space to care for my feelings - whether that’s by painting, going for a walk with penny toochie, or even just talking to a friend I trust. Someone I always love tootin and computin with is my good ol friend, the Lil to my Phil, @jermainefowler You may have seen him on films like “Coming 2 America”, “Judas and the Black Messiah”, and “Sorry to Bother You.” He’s also appeared in shows like “Bojack Horseman”, “All That”, and he wrote, produced, and starred in “Superior Donuts” - which is where we first met. Jermaine has made such a genuine impact on my life. He is an incredibly gifted soul and an amazing father. He is unafraid to speak his truth. Jermaine continues to inspire me everyday through the remarkable work he does on himself. I’m beyond appreciative of his friendship and I’m so excited that we got the chance to talk on my podcast. If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to us goofy pals on the latest episode - be sure to check it out. Yeah No, I’m Not Ok. Available wherever you get your podcasts. More mental health support (via text) can be found at: Additional Information on depression and anxiety can be found here: For more resources on addiction or to get help, please visit: