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So the Jews were told they could share this land, knowing the unthinkable things they had gone through during the Holocaust - the British made a one sided deal that gave the Jews what we know today as Israel, but displacing the Palestinians in their own land. It's like helping one person at someone elses expense. Fact of the matter is, the Palestinians didn't need the Israelis. The Jews were scattered around the world, as they ran from the Nazis. Their lives meant nothing to the Nazis - like how the Israelis see Palestinians as worthless beings to be discarded. The Jews were displaced, they were refugees who came to Palestine, skin and bones with nothing but whatever that's left... now they pretend they are the most advanced, most civilized, but they are arrogant and ignorant. Let me remind you, Palestine is made up of different religion, race and culture. Like a lot of countries, they were multiracial. This is about Palestinian rights as citizens of the land, they are now treated as refugees and are oppressed and killed in their own land. Why are we so afraid of Israel? Know their history, and see them for what they are! Never in my life have I ever witnessed a terrorist playing victim. Acah gangster tapi bau susu. -- duduk bawah ketiak mak dia sambil buat jahat sbb tahu mak akan bekap! @stateofisrael TQ share kak Fie @fie1204 -- I respect all race and religion, highlighting Jews doesn't mean I have anything against them, I am reacting to the mass murders by the hands of the Israelis. I am against the act of terror &displacement of the Palestinian people. I use to CRY and feel so sorry for the Jews who went thru the Holocaust, I remember seeing just how COMPLETELY HELPLESS they were, at the mercy of the world. My heart still breaks, because nobody deserves that. Generations later, the same group of people are given freedom & protection that were denied of them, and they transgress. They repeat the same unthinkable actions. If you do not as a nation, as people, learn from your own history, you are indeed a foolish tribe.