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Small habits, huge changes. Six months ago May came into this world, with two tiny babies, our living room as our office, a busy business navigating a pandemic and the start of a new degree I certainly felt overwhelmed at times. My body felt alien after two pregnancies and my mind was too busy. Slowly slowly I’ve upgraded my day to day health, building in practices to energise and nourish my body and mind. Today marks six weeks of daily morning meditation, I’ve now built up to 40 mins a day and am taking a mindfulness based stress reduction course - more to come on this πŸ’• It does mean getting up at 5.45am but it’s worth it a hundred times over for how it makes me feel. I committed to moving my body daily and eating more nourishing foods - making a conscious effort to add a couple more plants to each meal, some sunflower seeds, a sprinkling of chia seeds, an extra handful of greens. Working towards my 30 different plant based foods a week to look after my gut health. Our other pillar of health, sleep, isn’t as easy with babies, but I’m prioritising getting into bed that bit earlier each night to do what I can. Small habits - 10 mins of stretching, extra broccoli, 30 mins earlier to bed and time to breath - but the effects are rippling into my life and I feel like a new person. So much more open, so much calmer, so much more present and as a result a better mama and better at my job. Amazing what the little things can do when you let them slowly unfold and build up over time πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–