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You should always listen to people, but then make your own decision. If you choose to go with your other’s suggestion while feeling deep in your heart that another decision is more wise, you are in reality saying, "I don't trust my own wisdom." Why do you want to weaken yourself by telling you this? You are also weakening your friends’ trust in you. When you choose to deny your deepest truth to please your friends, they will feel one day or another your lack of authenticity. Be real. Be authentic. . Because All your life, people are going to say that you won't be able to make it. Never worry about that. It is just them projecting their own failure and low self esteem on you. Have you ever noticed that successful people don't criticize you? Simply because they are too focused on giving value to others, and don't have even time to complain. Life is short and goes so fast. Just ignore people judging you, like they were ghosts. And always remember, that at the end of the day, no one actually cares. They always still focus on them. So better to ignore them. . And If someone hurts you, and you have the believe that one day he may be totally different, you are making a mistake. Don’t wait. Just assume this person will always be like that. People change, but they always keep their own nature inside them. If someone is really intolerable to you, you should leave that person right now. Stay around positive people, people that like you for whom you truly are. . Because trust me: I think you have absolutely no idea how great you can be. Everyone is so much greater than they think they are.  You still have no idea how much potential you have within you. Let’s unleash it together once and for all. . 🎥 @la_palette_de_alex . Partnerships: @grand.froid, @villmarkssenter and @tromsoarcticreindeer #travel #art #tourism #artic #davidmichigan
Your beliefs always perceive reality. Do you want to change your reality ? Just change your beliefs. If you say to yourself “I don’t believe I can achieve my dreams, but I still want to give my best to try” (like so many people do) you will unlikely achieve it. Why ? Because everything starts with your beliefs .To create a new reality for yourself, you must change your thought patterns. How ? There are a lot of things you can do, and one of the easiest thing is to change your environment and to get new information. . And as soon as you start to do this, you begin to move forward your dreams instantly. And the universe will conspire with you to help you. Whatever you wish for, all the information will start moving directly toward you. Because you invest your time, energy and effort toward what you want, life will wish to reward you as a benefactor. . Only then, you will feel a new way. Because your greatest value in life, is not what you acquire. Of course, what you acquire throughout the years is valuable, but it is not your greatest value. The greatest value is what you become. Because once you become the person you truly want to be, you can give everything away. And it is the greatest feeling ever. . A big thanks to and to @jivewithdeepti for this wonderful cover and interview, I love India and wish to come back soon to do epic videos and to promote the country with my friend . Thanks to @jabiroedison for the cover and @jokostyle #cover #magazine #india #facemag #michiganacademy #davidmichigan
😍 Big Announcement 😍 I am very happy to announce you the official release of my new free mobile application, the "MICHIGAN ACADEMY", available today in the App Store! (and very soon in Google Play). Just click on the link in my bio to download it for FREE! You will be also able to get a full free course on personal development, as well as many other courses on fitness, nutrition, stress management, self esteem, self hypnosis, healing, business…and many more! . On a side note, it is so crazy what has been accomplished in these past 2 years with my bro, we traveled around the world in so many countries: Norway, Polynesia, Argentina, Morrocco, Iceland… to make incredible and epic videos, we had crazy adventures with so many people we met abroad, and we are actually preparing tons of new projects! So I would like to deeply thank him, for everything, this guy is a true legend for taking photos and making the best videos ever, in every situation possible! . And also, to finish, these past 3 years made me realize how time is really the biggest value ever. So, like me, take a second and really realize how precious is time. Because there are not an unending supply of years and moments of your life. So utilize the best of your abilities and potential. Please don’t watch them slip away as the time goes. Capture every moment and opportunity to use your potential ⭐ . Pic by @jokostyle and thanks to @guillaumepley @c8lachaine #adventure #world #life #love #travel #davidmichigan