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I’m giving away a $1500 Gaming PC! Here’s how you can win: 1. Like this post, share it to your story and comment “done” 2. Follow me on and watch my stream. I will post RAFFLE ENTRY CODES in the chat for you to enter the giveaway! 3. Join my discord channel. (Our mods will help you get an invitation link in my twitch chat) When I post a RAFFLE ENTRY CODE to the chat you must DM the code to our Giveaway bot which will track your entries ⛔️ RULES ⛔️ you are allowed as many RAFFLE ENTRIES AS THERE ARE CODES! the more raffle entries you have the more likely you are to win! ⚠️ IMPORTANT⚠️ RAFFLE ENTRY CODES that I post will only be good for a short period of time before they expire!!! So be ready! ✅ ⏰ I will post a new raffle entry code once every hour ⏰ I will also post a code: Every time I win a game 🏆 Every time I get raided by a party of 5 or more 📢 Every time I get a level 5 hype train 🚂 Raffle Giveaway will be drawn at midnight on Christmas (12/26/20 at 12:00am) at random from our pool of entries. You don’t have to be online when the giveaway happens but you do have to respond to me on discord within 24 hours to claim your prize. ELIGIBILITY IS WORLD WIDE as long as you have a mailing address! I am streaming over 100+ hours between now and Christmas so there will be plenty of chances for you to enter! Here is my upcoming schedule: 🗓Monday 12/14/20 @ 10:00am PST for 24 hours 🗓Wednesday 12/16/20 @ 10:00am PST for 12 hours minimum 🗓Friday 12/18/20 @ 10:00am PST for 12 hours minimum 🗓Saturday 12/19/20 @ random 🗓Monday 12/21/20 @ 10:00am PST for 24 hours 🗓Wednesday 12/23/20 @ 10:00am PST for 12 hours minimum 🗓Thursday 12/24/20 @ random 🗓Friday 12/25/20 ⚡️ BONUS RAFFLE ROUNDS + 🎫 RAFFLE DRAWING @ 6:00pm - 1:00am Good luck to everyone! Have fun, and welcome to my community!